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Series Editors: Nicholas Mercuro and Michael D. Kaplowitz


The Economics of Legal Relationships is a book series dedicated to publishing original scholarly contributions that systematically analyze legal-economic issues. As with other book series, each one can take a variety of forms:

(1) Each book may be comprised of a collection of original articles devoted to a single theme, edited by a guest volume editor.

(2) A book may be a collection of refereed articles derived from the Series Editor's "call for papers" on a particular legal-economic topic.

(3) An individual (or coauthors) may wish to author an entire book.

          Each book is published in hardback, approximately 250-300 pages in length and is dedicated to:


An individual who is interested in either authoring an entire volume or editing a future volume of The Economics of Legal Relationships should submit a 3-5 page prospectus to either series editor. Each prospectus must include: (1) the prospective title of the volume; (2) a brief description of the organizing theme of the volume whether single authored or edited; (3) an identification of the line of literature from which the proposed topic emanates, and (4) either a table of contents or, if edited, a list of potential contributors along with tentative titles of their contributions. Send prospectus to the series editor. Please note that the series editors only accept individual manuscripts for publication consideration in response to a specific "Call for Papers."

Send prospectus directly to the series editor:

Professor Nicholas Mercuro
321 Michigan State University College of Law
East Lansing, MI   48824
PHONE: (517) 432-6978
FAX: (517) 432-6801
e-mail:  mercuro@law.msu.edu

Professor Michael D. Kaplowitz
Michigan State University
Department of Community, Agriculture,
Recreation and Resource Studies
East Lansing, MI   48824
PHONE: (517) 355-0101
e-mail:  kaplowit@msu.edu


Compensation for Regulatory Takings, Thomas J. Miceli, Department of Economics, University of Connecticut and Kathleen Segerson, Department of Economics, University of Connecticut, 1996.
Dispute Resolution: Bridging the Settlement Gap, edited by David A. Anderson, Department of Economics, Centre College, 1996.
The Law and Economics of Development, edited by Edgardo Buscaglia, Washington College and the National University of Buenos Aires, William Ratliff, Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and Robert Cooter, School of Law, University of California at Berkeley, 1997.

Fundamental Interrelationships Between Government and Property, edited by Nicholas Mercuro, Michigan State University and Warren J. Samuels, Michigan State University, (sponsored by the Policy Studies Organization, University of Illinois), 1999.

Property Rights, Economics, and the Environment, edited by Michael Kaplowitz, Department of Resource Development, Michigan State University, 2000.

Law and Economics in Civil Law Countries, edited by Thierry Kirat, Walras Center, University of Lyon and Bruno Deffains, University of Nancy, 2001.

The End of Natural Monopoly: Deregulation and Competition in the Electric Power Industry, edited by Peter Z. Grossman, Department of Economics, Butler University and Daniel H. Cole, Law School, Indiana University, 2003.

Just Exchange: A Theory of Contract, by Frank H. Buckley, George Mason University School of Law, 2004.

Network Access, Regulation and Antitrust, edited by Diana Moss, Vice President American Antitrust Institute, 2005.

Property Rights Dynamics: A Law and Economics Perspective, Donatella Porrini, Faculty of Law, University of Milan, Italy and Giovanni Ramello, Department of Economics, University of Carlo Catteneo, Italy, 2006.

The Legal-Economic Nexus, Warren J. Samuels, Michigan State University, 2007.

The Firm as an Entity: Implications for Economics, Accounting and the Law, Yuri Biondi, University of St. Etienne, Arnaldo Canziani, University of Brescia, and Thierry Kirat, CNRS and University of Paris Dauphine, 2007.

Economics, Law and Individual Rights, edited by Hugo M. Mialon, Department of Economics, Emory University and Paul H. Rubin, Department of Economics, Emory University, 2008.

Alternative Institutional Structure: Evolution and Impact, edited by Nicholas Mercuro, Michigan State University College of Law and Sandra S. Batie, Department of Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University, 2008.

Patent Policy: Legal-Economic Effects in a National and International Framework, by Pia Weiss, Lecturer in Industrial Organization at the Nottingham University Business School, Nottingham UK, 2010.

                    in progress

Norms and Values in Law and Economics, edited by Aristides N. Hatzis, University of Athens, Greece.

The Rule of Law: The Justice Sector and Economic Development, edited by Maria Dakolias, Lead Council, Legal Vice Presidency, World Bank and Sandra E. Oxner, World Bank and formally Judge on the Nova Scotia Provincial Court, Canada.

Bubbles, Law and Financial Regulation, by Erik F. Gerding, University of New Mexico School of Law.



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