Application Review

Interactive Physics by Knowledge Revolution

Suppose you are a small school, wanting to improve physics education at your school, but without a huge budget to purchase vast amounts of equipment for labs. Your school has just purchased a brand new computer lab. Might I suggest you purchase a license for Interactive Physics 3.0 by Knowledge Revolution.

Interactive Physics allows you the simulate basic to intermediate level mechanics labs on a desktop computer. The interface is easy to learn - just grab an item, drag it to the desktop and resize and adjust it to your liking. For example, place a circle on the desktop, then grab a line, place it on the ball you have created and drag it upwards and you have created a simple pendulum. Simple simulations like this are quick enough to create on the fly for demonstration purposes right in front of your class. With its simplicity and capabilities, Interactive Physics is quickly becoming standard in lower level college classes.

Interactive Physics is available for Macintosh and Windows environments, and K.R. has thought ahead on this one, making simulations created in either Mac or Windows environments compatible with the other operating system. The CD you get when you purchase the software contains both the Windows and Macintosh versions of the program. The installation process also places a folder on your computer titled Physics Investigations containing dozens of pre-made simulations. Now you have an air track available and at your finger tips at a moment’s notice.

A single user copy of Interactive Physics will run $249. Look around at your school; if you have an older copy an upgrade is slightly less at $119. Site licenses are available. The folks in product support are the nicest people, and their web site has an outstanding array of simulations and links available.

Knowledge Revolution can be reached at:

Knowledge Revolution
66 Bovet Road, Suite 200
San Mateo, CA 94402
(415) 574-7777
(800) 766-6615