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Michigan State University is proud to support MicroMARC for Int egrated Format, a microcomputer collections management system for use by libraries, archives, special collections, museums etc. It is a complete management system for the administration of holdings and provides flexible and comprehensive search and report capabilities for the user. It utilizes the national descriptive standard, the USMARC Integrated Format, for the record structure. MicroMARC can import and export records in the USMARC format, with any other system, e.g., RLIN*, OCLC*, WLN*, that can exch ange such records. Some of the features of the system include:

For ease of use MicroMARC has help screens available to the user anywhere in the program. These are extensive on-line multi level Help displays, which provide information on how to use the system wherever the use is in the system.

The Search function is powerful and easy to use with full Boolean capability. Any part of the record is sear chable, and the system comes with pre-defined searches that can easily be expanded, modified or new ones created by the user. Included are subject, personal or corporate name, acquisition date, etc. There are multiple search displays that the user can eas ily modify if they wish to better meet their specific needs. The system automatically indexes new records when they are created, making the records searchable as soon as they are entered into the system.

The Report function provides a powerfu l tool for the management of the collection. The system comes with dozens of predefined reports, which can be easily modified, and of course the user can easily create their own reports. Any information in the record is readily accessible through the R eport function. There is also a Statistical function available to use in the Report module.

The creation of the MicroMARC record is designed for ease of entry through numerous Help and design features. For example, the USMARC Format coding for the fixed and leader fields is available on line with the click of a button, and can also be entered into the record with a click/keystroke. Each of the formats, i.e. Book, Serial, Mixed Materials (AMC), Visual Materials, Music, Computer Files, Maps has its own screen display. Further, the user can create their own record displays using the template function, so in cases where information is being repeated it only needs to be keyed in once. The variable length fields are not limited in length, providing maximum flexibility for the user in the creation of their records. Separate screens can be used for entering administrative information, and acces s to that information can be limited to whoever is designated to have that information.

Additional features to assist in the creation and editing of the records on the database include Global Change and Authority files functions. Through Global Change the user can replace or add information to records through a variety of sophisticated operations. The system enables the user to have Author ity files available to them for ensuring the consistent entry of the records. These, Authority files, can be generated from the users own database, or through a external source. MicroMARC enables the creation of USMARC records with the minimum of e ffort and provides the user with records in a national standard format, with all the attendant benefits, as opposed to using an idiosyncratic approach, which may be very costly in the long run. Help screens are available anywhere in the data entry function as they are throughout the system.

The system is available in either a stand-alone configuration, or in a local area network version. The syste m provides for individual passwords and varying levels of access to the system and its database, which provides for maximum flexibility and control. For example, the user can create an id for public use and then determine how much of the system they want the public user to have access to, such as just the Search and Report functions of the system.

The Export/Import function of the system enables the user to create a rec ord in the USMARC Integrated Format, which can be transmitted to any other computer system capable of importing USMARC Integrated Format records, e.g., RLIN*, OCLC*, WLN*, NOTIS*, INOVATIVE*, etc. MicroMARC can likewise import into its database rec ords in USMARC format from other locations, such as the ones listed above. For users upgrading from the MicroMARC:amc to the current system, obsolete fields in the old system records are automatically mapped to the correct fields in the USMARC Integrated Format. MicroMARC can export records in ASCII as well, so for example, they can be used in word processing environments or in web applications.


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