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Compliance Review

The Office of Compliance Services will systematically review all administrative compliance-related procedures at the University. This includes the areas of student-athletes' financial aid and initial tenders, certification of initial eligibility, the certification and monitoring of student-athletes continuing eligibility, the monitoring and administration of complimentary admissions, the monitoring and documentation of the recruitment of prospective student-athletes, the monitoring of playing and practice seasons, institutional control of funds and activities of athletics booster groups, the scope and procedures of the University's athletics compliance audits, and the rules education program will be reviewed and assessed. Through this systematic compliance review process, the Office of Compliance Services will further define and systematize all areas of compliance while clarifying the roles of each individual with compliance responsibilities both inside and outside the department of athletics. The comprehensive review of the University's compliance efforts will represent a significant step toward defining and systematizing all compliance procedures. The review process will facilitate the Office of Compliance Services' efforts to identify and establish specific compliance responsibilities for all University staff members (not just athletics personnel) involved with compliance areas. In addition, the compliance review process will work to identify deficiencies and areas of heightened risk in current and past administrative procedures while facilitating the establishment of plans for addressing identified shortcomings.

Summary Overview of the Compliance Program The implementation of the MSU Office of Compliance Services represents a significant step to enhance the University's overall athletics compliance program and increase the institutional oversight and control of the intercollegiate athletics program. The Office of Compliance Services will review and enhance compliance systems to support the University's control of the athletics program. Once fully implemented, the properly functioning compliance program will provide reliable feedback to assess the athletics department's policies, procedures and performance in terms of institutionally determined criteria, and place the university in a proactive position to oversee and monitor the intercollegiate athletics program and maintain a positive compliance environment.