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Mission Statement Rules Education Centralized Investigations & Self-Reporting Compliance Review

Rules Education

A primary function of the Office of Compliance Services is rules education. The rules education efforts will be intensified and focused on providing compliance and NCAA rules information to athletic department administrative and coaching staff members, prospective and enrolled student-athletes and their families, as well as other MSU personnel from University offices that work closely with the Office of Compliance Services.

The rules education program will include all key institutional personnel (e.g., Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, Registrar's Office, Internal Auditing) who have primary compliance responsibilities. The Office of Compliance Services will ensure that all identified constituents are provided with timely NCAA rules information that is needed to meet successfully the program's compliance objectives. In addition to campus educational efforts, the Office of Compliance Services will increase educational activities with athletics booster groups, alumni and other friends of the University to provide relevant NCAA rules information. The Office of Compliance Services will advise representatives of the University's athletics interests (i.e., athletics boosters) of their limited role through regular compliance columns featured in athletics newsletters and other publications.

In addition, regular compliance presentations will be aimed at each of MSU's athletics support groups. Each of these educational initiatives is directed at the goal of further sensitizing members of the athletics and University community to NCAA regulations and their specific compliance responsibilities. Formalized Communication In an effort to accomplish the program's compliance goals and ensure regular and timely communications, the Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance Services will maintain a formalized schedule of compliance meetings with the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, the Faculty Athletics Representative, and the General Counsel/Vice President for Legal Affairs. These compliance meetings will provide regular opportunities to ensure that key institutional decision-makers are kept informed of compliance-related matters. In addition, the Senior Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance Services will prepare and present "State of Compliance" reports to the Athletics Council, the Compliance Oversight Committee, and other important University groups as appropriate. Each of these presentations will communicate the significance of athletic compliance to important segments of the University and sensitize the University community to the continued importance being placed on the area of athletics compliance.