The MSU Tactile Mapping Project

The MSU Tactile Mapping Project was a joint venture of personnel in the Department of Geography, the Office of Programs for Handicapper Students, and the Department of Counseling Educational Psychology and Special Education back in the mid 1990s. We developed an overview tactile graphic and four enlarged panels that were all used with the NOMAD(tm). The larger panels allowed more detail than could be accommodated on the overview. Various other graphics such as building plans and local malls and parks were also produced. The project gave numerous students the opportunity to work with tactile map production. The project was centered on development of graphics to make the campus more accessible and friendly to blind students, staff, and visitors. Acquisition of appropriate equipment gave us a continuing capability for doing tactile graphics, and we still produce an occasional product. Financial support for the original project was from the Provost's Office at MSU.  For more information about the MSU Tactile Mapping project, contact Prof. Judy Olson, <>, Department of Geography, 118 Geography Building, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1117, phone 517/355-4650.  Or contact the MSU Office of Programs for Handicapper Students, phone 517/353-9643.  Subject to availability, copies of graphic products from the project are free to blind students and staff at MSU.  They are available to others for $9.00 per graphic.

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