Passionate about Teaching with Technology?
Are you passionate about using technology in your teaching?
Do you envision extensive use of technology with your students?
Do you enjoy learning to use new software and technologies?
Interested in a "Fast Track" to a masters in educational technology?

If interested, please email me: Patrick Dickson,

Dear Teacher Education Students:

I would like to talk with you about how to build upon your passion for technology to advance your career as a teacher. Schools (and today's K-12 students) are looking for teachers with expertise and passion for integrating technology into teaching and learning.

The educational technology faculty are brainstorming such ideas as creating a Technology and Teaching Club for students preparing to be teachers.

Fast Track Masters. The educational technology faculty are also exploring plans for a "fast track" program that could enable students with a passion for technology to work toward a master of arts in educational technology while doing your teaching internship.

I would especially enjoy hearing from people who are enthusiastic about integrating technology in their teaching in different subject matter areas such as math, science, music, art, creative writing, photography, poetry, web publishing, and so on.

If you are interested in either the masters or CEP 416 described below, please email me with a brief description of your interest and attend the meeting if you can. If you have a personal website, you could include the web address in your email.

Thank you.

Professor Patrick Dickson
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CEP 416: "Teaching and Learning with Technology"
Special Section for the Technologically Passionate: Spring 2006

If interested, please mail me:
Patrick Dickson,

I will teach this course for about 15 students in teacher education who are passionate about technology. (Additional offerings may be available in later semesters.) The course will probably be Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon or evening based on the time that works best for those interested.

Part of the course will be conducted online.
Priority for enrollment in this course will be for students who have already developed their technology skills and want to take their skills to new levels.

The course will not be appropriate for those needing to acquire basic technology skills such as Microsoft Office.

Create a professional web portfolio. Every student in the course will design a web-based portfolio to help you express your passion for teaching help you land your dream job.

The course will be project oriented and hands on exploration of such topics as:

creating web movies with your students
publishing a class website
teaching your students to use digital cameras as tools for learning
creating podcasts from your classroom
using cellphones with cameras in your teaching
using blogs in your teaching
using web resources of Smithsonian, National Gallery of Art, NCAR, & NASA
designing and using web-based portfolios for your students
using online teaching tools in K-12 teaching: simulations & games
reading case studies of teachers' exceptional uses of technology
developing your vision for creative uses of technology in teaching
new career opportunities teaching in virtual K-12 schools
preparing to be a technology teacher leader or coordinator

Students will help invent and design the course and teach each other.