Web Resources for PhD Students in Learning, Technology and Culture
Project by Patrick Dickson and Danah Henriksen

Learning, Technology, and Culture Program Requirements.

    Learning, Technology, and Culture Ph.D. Program Handbook.

Major Milestones for Progress toward Completion of Your Ph.D. Timeline.

Program Requirements.

Proseminar: CEP 900 fall semester. CEP 901A or B: spring semester.
Guidance Committee. Select permanent advisor and committee by early fall of second year.
Program Plan: Your plans for courses you will take. Must be approved by guidance committee by fall semester second year.
Preliminary Exam Requirement.    Handbook Guidelines.
Practicum Requirement.                UCRIHS Approval. ("Human Subjects")
Comprehensive Exam Site.  Recent Takers.
Dissertation Proposal.                    UCRIHS Approval. ("Human Subjects") MSU Grad School Dissertation Info.
Dissertation Submission.
Job Search: Identifying some 'dream jobs' using  the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Faculty Biographies.
Faculty by name, by program area/keywords. Links to courses taught, syllabi. Links to research. Links to publications.
One minute video interviews with each faculty... video clip.
Professors' Web Presence Project: A study of the way professors' present themselves and are presented on the Web.

Worth Considering... in College ... elsewhere at MSU.... online?
Syllabus Analysis Project: An analysis of the form and contents of syllabi for doctoral courses in educational technology.

Doctoral Students in the LTC Program.

Current.... Past...jobs they got, dissertations they did.

Dissertation: Recent PhDs and Six Selected for Study.

Recommended Readings: Influential, Often Cited Scholars and Articles.
...leading to: Endnotes Archive.... online electronic versions... culled from all syllabi.
... with links from scholars etc...to those scholars' websites.

Major Scholars Project.:  A compilation of scholars identified by interviewing faculty and examining syllabi.

Major Research Projects in LTC. "Advice to the wise student..." (from faculty, other students).

T.I.M.E. (Prawat and ?)... Battle Creek.
SPACE Camp. (Heeter, Mishra, Egidio.)

Major Resources Outside the College of Education

MSU Resources

Cognitive Science Program

National Resources

Major National Centers for Research and Development in Educational Technology.

Other ideas.

Educational Technology PhD Programs Project: A comparative study of the websites of MSU's and six other PhD programs.