Patrick Dickson's Sites Useful for MSU Instructors
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MSU Home. MSU People. MSU Calendar MSU Library. Michigan Libraries
College of Education. Online Masters. EPET Program. Angel. NYT Navigator. Dictionaries. Ask.
My InfoDiet
Library of Congress. Smithsonian.
NASA. JPL. NOAA. Periodic Chart. SF Bay Area.

Teaching at MSU
Angel Help Desk: then click on Help? button. Phone: 1-800-500-1554 or (517) 355-2345.
MSU Help Desk. (Memorize! ""). Phone: (517) 432-6200.
Registrar's Office. Links to many instructor resources. Registrar Site map.
Instructor Resources: Registrar.  Classlists, student photos, grade submission, book orders, etc.
Schedule of Courses.  Check offerings and enrollments.
Instructional Computing. Reserve computer classroom, check availability, request software.
Instructional Media Center.  Order VCR's, projectors, etc. delivered to classroom.
Computer Store. Hardware & software prices, order computer online, etc.
Telephones.Conference calls: Three-way Centrex.

Tutorials and Tipsheets
Web Publishing Tipsheet. Advice on web publishing, FTP, clipart, free photos, etc.
Learning to Learn Software: Ten Heuristics. What successful learners seem to do.
Dial Up MSU. Phone numbers to reach MSU from aound the state or world.
Your AFS Space at MSU.  Your Web folder, your P: drive, etc.

Curriculum Resources
Academic Programs.  Official description of academic programs.
Description of Courses. Official description of courses.
University Curriculum and Catalog.
Course Request System. View Interim Courses under review.(Curriculum Committee work.)

College of Education
Reserve Erickson Hall meeting room (not a classroom).
College of Education Resources. The College's page of useful sites.
Room 128 Controls. (password in corner)

Graduate Study and Research at MSU
The Graduate School. For current students: Forms, Dissertation, Graduation. Sitemap.
UCRIHS: Research Involving Human Subjects. Tutorial. (required for all investigators)
Conducting Research at MSU.Links to multiple resources.
SurveyMonkey. Great site for creating online surveys.

Training Opportunities
Libraries, Computing & Technology Training Program. MSU Workshops.

MSU Library
MSU Library. Proxy Server.
Search MSU Catalog: MAGIC.
JSTOR: Journals Online at MSU.
View books you have checked out .

MSU Centers and Groups Relevant to LTC
Comm Tech Lab. Some of MSU's most creative work in multimedia.
M.I.N.D Lab.  Media Interface and Network Design Labs.  Frank Biocca, Director.
DMAT: Digital Media Art and Technology Lab.
H-Net for Humanities.   Hosted by Matrix.
CLEAR.  Center for Language Education and Research
Physics Education Group.  Education resources like LON-CAPA.

Travel Policies at MSU.

Listserv Directory for MSU. Link to world directory. Create a listserv for your groups. Eudora Help.
Calendars. Create calendars: weekly, monthly, etc.
NYTimes "Student Navigator". The set of resources used by NYT writers.
Shakespearean Insults. For scheduling meetings.

End of My Tips: Please send me yours.