Portfolios for Administrators
EAD 808, Professional Inquiry and Reflection Seminar
Fall 2002, Professor Steve Kaagan
Purpose:  The students in EAD 808 set out to create a vision of what web-based portfolios for
K-12 administrators should contain. This page contains links to their work.
Anderson, April Hoxhallari, Rozeta Lefebvre, Matthew Schwedler, Thomas
Blakeslee, Cynthia Hughes, Beverly Mullen, Kelly Smith, Sarah
Block, Mathew Jones, Terry Neros, Stacie Whitman, Donald
Hahnenberg, Nicholas Korth, Scot Petee, Kirk Zeller, Angelina
Hawkins, Jolena Lagerquist, Gene Pricco, Heather Kaagan, Steve

                           Click here for other photos of brainstorming session.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002.
We began by brainstorming what we would like to have in our portfolios.
Six groups met and shared their ideas via an ancient technology requiring skill in dragging chalk
across a rough black surface.

Click here to see ideas from the groups.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002.
We met in 415 Computer Center to begin working on creating webpages.

CEP 813 : You might enjoy seeing the portfolios of  teachers in my on-campus course:
  Electronic Portfolios for Teaching and Learning.

A top priority is for you to decide which software to use for creating webpages.

I suggest  you consider one of the following three:
    Netscape, Dreamweaver, or Frontpage.

Netscape has the advantage of being free (download) or cheap (order online at address below),
which means you can put it on your laptop, home computer, and school.
    Click here for a brief introduction to Netscape.

Frontpage by Microsoft is widely used by K-12 teachers and was included on the computers given to teachers recently in Michigan. It is a good program but is not on computers at MSU.

Dreamweaver is about $100 for MSU students and is very powerful but a bit more difficult to learn initially. You can buy this in the MSU computer store or bookstore.
Tipsheet for Dreamweaver .

Freebies and Tutorials . This page contains links to free gifs, backgrounds, and tutorials. You may find it useful.

Downloads .  This page contains links to download sites, for FTP software, etc.

Netscape Order .  Netscape Communicator 4.72, and Netscape 6.2 or 7.0 include
the capacity for making Web pages (unlike Internet Explorer, which is only a browser).
You can download if free from http://www.netscape.com , or order a CD and book
at the link above.