Portfolios in Educational Assessment:
Authentic, Supplemental, or Alternative

Purpose. This page contains notes for a presentation to EAD 854.  The focus of this presentation is on the portfolio concept and how it can be used in connection with other forms of assessment, especially test scores.

Introduction.  Where do portfolios fit in the official description of EAD 854?
Catalog Description:
Course:  EAD 854  Introduction to Inquiry for Educational Leaders
Semester:  Fall of every year.Credits: Total Credits: 3       Lecture/Recitation/Discussion Hours: 3  3(3-0)
Restrictions: Open only to graduate students in K-12 Educational Administration.
Description:  Inquiry and applied research methods and skills to inform school-based decision making for school improvement. Constructing, analyzing, and interpreting student and school-level databases. Evaluating, assessing, and creating strategic instructional and organizational development plans.

A quote:  "Numbers inform, graphics persuade."
A genius: Edward Tufte:  The visual display of quantitative data.
People remember stories, pictures, projects, artifacts.

Let me ask a few questions.

1.  How many of you are also in Steve Kaagan's EAD 808?  Show hands.
2.  What are your career aspirations?
3.  How many of you already have or are now beginning to create a Web portfolio?

Let's reminisce a bit about your prior experiences with the portfolio concept.
4.  Did any of you attend K-12 schools where portfolios were used?
5.  Did any of you create "teaching portfolios" or other portfolios as part of your undergraduate experience?

CEP 813: Electronic Portfolios.  My online course.

My AERA 2002 presentation.  Discussion of portfolio concept and links to examples and references.

Key Concepts for EAD 854:

Discuss the different meanings of:
    Authentic Assessment
    Performance Assessment
    Supplemental Assessment
    Alternative Assessment  (Warning: May be hazardous to your portfolio concept!)
    Portfolio Assessment

Discuss different meanings of:
    Teaching Portfolio
    Professional Portfolio
    Student Portfolio
    Classroom Portfolio
    School Portfolio.... see also School Website.
    Electronic Portfolio, Web Portfolio, "Web Presence"

Discuss the following issues with respect to portfolios:
    Return on Investment
    Communication with Parents and the Community

EAD 808 notes.  Contains links to examples of portfolios.

HALE notes.
    Pennsylvania State University.  Assessment of On-Line Student Portfolio Initiatives at Big-10 Institutions
Report prepared by Laura Fletcher, May 2001

Professional Portfolios.  Emergent examples from EAD 808.

Readings.  A collection from ASCD.  Please note the "Cautionary Tales" readings.

Penn State's Resources.

Zoomerang.  Example of online tools.