Faculty Ideas and Suggestions
Redesign of Technology Spaces in Erickson Hall
College Faculty Meeting, May 11, 2004
(Follow up: September 22, 2004 Faculty Meeting)
(Summary of Faculty Ideas and Three Page Design Concept Executive Summary)

Quotes from Faculty. This page presents written suggestions from faculty compiled from written notes taken at each table during the brainstorming session at the faculty meeting. The College Technology Committee provided a handout outlining issues and provided a few introductory remarks.

HandoutIntroductory Remarks.

The faculty "voices" gathered from nine tables are presented more or less verbatim, with the quotes are grouped by major topic. Mary Kennedy summarized her table's thoughtful discussion. Her "major topics" are similar to the ones below. Her summary preserves a sense of the discussion at her table and is therefore presented as a separate page: Mary Kennedy's Summary.

Major Topics

Overall Design Ideas
Social Environment
Small Group Space
Large Screen Viewing Space
Teleconferencing and Tele-Teaching
Wireless Connections
Technology Support: People and Resources
Library of Resources
IM Circle and Kinesiology Needs
Special Purpose Laboratory

Overall Design Ideas.

Aesthetically pleasing.
Place to see learning happening.
Glass: Open and welcome.
Open entrance.
Divide space for more than one use. Pillars are a problem.
Changes across the entire first floor, including a possible link to Kiva somehow.
Room now is static; need both adjustable AND stable parts; experimental opportunities (invest in things that we’d encourage people to try out); way to share ideas with the College.
Station or areas where people’s ideas for using technology can be displayed for others to access.
Portable walls in that room downstairs...133.

Social Environment.

Cafe, kosher-style deli
Coffee shop.
"Face to face" areas.
Get rid of vending machine. Put in a cafe/coffee shop instead.
Capacity for people to cluster (e.g., Women's Lounge in Union; International Center.)
Social: formal and informal.
Small tables, place where people can meet, have coffee or snacks. Cafeteria-like but social.

Small Group Space.

Need good space for 8 to 10 people as a getaway from 'desks'.
Round tables, places where people can come together. 
Smaller area for close collaboration.
Small group breakout areas.

Large Screen Viewing Area: Films & Video.

A place to come together to view/discuss video.
Large screen projection with multiple screens for viewing. 
Large screens would be good. (Usually teaches in Birmingham in standard lab.) (?)
Consistent projectors in all classrooms.

Teleconferencing and Tele-Teaching.

"Teleconference facility with shared screen (especially for Team 1)."
"Multi-computer course classroom with teleconference support."
Need to continue to support 128 hypermedia videoconferencing space.
Meeting of research teams for teleconferencing.
Teleconference capability (enhanced) in multiple spaces.
Teleconferencing, conference calls, videoconferencing; place for teams to meet and connect; capacity and help to make it happen.
Knowledge about the fact that teleconferencing equipment is there and the steps to make use of it. Perhaps info about this on College website.
Online teaching & discussion with projection.

Wireless Connections.

"Wireless throughout the building and surrounding space (including quad by International Center)."
Wireless connections to link to key sites.
Wireless environment.
Internet access in all classrooms.

Technology Support: People and Resources.

A place for supports for those who have tech questions. A consultant (maybe a student) and others can go to at any time.
Physical space with a resource person where a faculty member or someone else can go for help.
A place you can tell students to go to for help, or go there yourself, instead of having to track someone down and wait for them to show up.
Resources to help faculty keep up with changes in technology. 

Library of Resources.

Library space in building with books (partly on technology).
Children's books.
Place for film series (own film, video, DVD collection).
Film bank of video used in teaching.
Resource bank for K-12 use of technology.
Need a materials library for non-technology materials.
Access to lesson software.
Use the space as a curriculum materials library for teachers.
Devote a section to all the latest assessment materials (WISC-R, MEAP, etc.).
Have space to interact with these materials in small groups.
Resource bank. Share what people are doing in their classes. 

IM Circle and Kinesiology Needs.

Room 133 is good for those in Erickson. However, it doesn't benefit those of us in KIN. We need to think in terms of a satellite center in IM Circle. For example, our lobby could be set up as an inviting congreption area for students. Need wireless access.

Take one room in Erickson Hall and let us create an interdisciplinary lab for Kinesiology, e.g. force plate, anthropometric assessment, motor development assessment, wet chemistry, digital film analysis of movement. Or develop IM space.

College of Education Wellness Center. Benefits to faculty and staff and for students to practice their skills.

Support for video analysis of movement. Need room set up like room 128. Need bigger screens (really big). Split screens. Can't see on laptop. Would come here for the times you wanted to do "this" (doesn't like pull-down screens: move).

Special Purpose Laboratory.

Senior/interface science/math wet lab.
Technology-supported demo area.


Instructions/step by step on all technology equipment (label outlets!)
Ask what tools, artifacts do students need before they go into the field.
Add Kate to committee.
See article by Hanna Arzi on design of science classrooms in NARST.