Dream Scenarios
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As part of my presentation at MACUL 2002, I asked those in attendance to write their dream scenario on a 3x5 card for themselves and their computer.  The scenarios below were given to me after the presentation to share via the Web.  Thank you to the writers for sharing  their dreams.

"I am under a palm tree on a beach with a breeze, a tropical drink, and music, holding my computer."

"I am sitting on a beach with my fully loaded, state-of-the-art laptop. I can communicate flawlessly with anyone, anywhere, anytime."

"I am using multiple programs at one time. I don't have to wait for my slow computer to process anything, and it never freezes up. I can just work efficiently and never have to wait!!"

"I would think and it would respond only to me. No need to buy extra software, no need to upgrade hardware. It (they) would be seamless and only the process or task or gaol would take my efforts."

"I am sitting in a warm, sunny place with my computer able to have a full screen to work with while on the Internet and not see anything flashing. I would read and read an e-book with pictures and audio."

"I am at home, working  on my job, using my computer."

"I am sitting in front of my lakefront log house with my laptop--birds chirping, waves spalshing."

"Traveling across the globe to exotic locales with my laptop, submitting an online journal of my journeys for National Geographic."

"I would be able to take it apart, put it together, troubleshoot it, and make it work better! It would be at my mercy instead of me being at the mercy of the whine of the computer."

"I'm sitting at my computer and quickly linking to all sites without any problems...hopefully using wireless equipment."

"I am holding my compuer in my hand directing multimedia bells and chimes to keep my students active listeners and active participants in their education."

"I would be sitting at my computer working on my Principal's Newsletter using technology so it would be more likely to be read."

"I am talking to a computer in the room with me. I don't see it but it projects images for me on a big screen."

"I would be sitting in a bean bag playing with a multi-buttoned Laser mouse with a top of the line graphics card and a great game."

"I'm on a sailboat somewhere sunny and warm."

"No wires. Instant speed. No wait. Input by thinking only."