Using Student Portfolios in the College of Education

Patrick Dickson

November 19, 2004

105 Natural Sciences

Michigan State University

"Explorations in Instructional Technology" Brown Bag Series

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Main Point:

The power of authentic work, created in a supportive community, written for an significant audience, with the intent that it be useful beyond the end of a course or degree, preserved over time for the benefit of future students.


In one of your classes ask,
"Please think of the piece of work you have done in connection with a course at MSU that you consider to be one of your best, such as a research paper, an essay, a poem, a photographic essay, etc. 

Write a brief description of what it is and why you consider it to be one of your best.

Then answer these questions:  1) Do you still have a copy of this work?  2) How many people have you shared it with... let them read it or see it... since the course in which you did it ended?"  Discuss students' responses and reactions to this exercise.

If you try this suggestion, I would be interested in what you heard: .

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