1. What causes the phases of the moon?

2. How long does a lunar cycle last?

3. What does the word waning mean?

4. What does the word waxing mean?

5. What does "once in a blue moon" mean?

6. How many ‘blue’ moons are there per century?

7. When does the 2001 blue moon occur?

8. Describe one of the ancient moon myths (3-4 sentences).

9. Where did the legend of the moon being made out of cheese come from?

10. Why do people say the moon is made from green cheese?

11. When did we first land on the moon?

12. What was the mission/spacecraft named?

13. Who were the 3 Apollo 11 astronauts?

14. When will the moon rise and set in Holt, Michigan today?

15. What phase of the moon will it be?

16. What does the term astronaut mean?

17. Give 3 facts about Neil Armstrong’s NASA experience from his biography

18. What is a cosmonaut?

19. What is the positioning of the sun/earth/moon during spring tides?

20. What is the positioning of the sun/earth/moon during neap tides?

21. Which produces higher tides?

22. Why is the earth’s water balanced evenly on all sides?

23. Where does the word lunacy come from?

24. What effect does the moon supposedly have on human behavior?

25. What are some problems studying the lunar effect on human behavior?