Patrick O’Donnell


Department of English                                                533 Ardson Road

Michigan State University                                           East Lansing MI 48823

East Lansing MI 48824                                              Phone:  (517) 351-0182    

Phone:  (517) 355-7576                                             Fax:  (517) 353-4460





          1979:    Ph.D. in English, University of California - Davis

                      Dissertation:  “The Fragile Web:  Interpretation as Subject in

                          Contemporary Fiction.”  Director:  T. A. Hanzo.

          1972:    M.A. in English, California State University - Hayward

          1971:    B.A. in English, St. Mary’s College of California


fields of specialization


Modern and Contemporary American Fiction

Postmodern Literature and Culture

History and Theory of Narrative

American Literature

American Studies

Modern Literature



academic appointments


          June, 1997 -            Professor and Chair, Department of English

                                        Michigan State University


          1993-97:                 Professor and Editor, MFS:  Modern Fiction Studies                                           

Department of English, Purdue University


          1989-92:                 Eberly Family Distinguished Professor of American

                                        Literature, Department of English, West Virginia



          1988-89:                 Professor, Department of English

                                        University of Arizona


          1985-88:                 Associate Professor, Department of English

                                        University of Arizona


1980-85:                 Assistant Professor, Department of English

                                        University of Arizona


visiting and other academic appointments


          Fall, 2005:               Walt Whitman Distinguished Fulbright Chair,

                                        Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


          1999-2001; 2005:    Guest Faculty, University of Louisville USIA

                                        Summer Institute on Contemporary American



          August, 1998:          Faculty of the Stuttgart Seminar in Cultural Studies

                                        1998 topic:  Cultural Negotiations; Seminar on

                                        “Cultural Translatabilities”


          1997-    :                 Affiliated Faculty and Steering Committee,

                                        Comparative Literature Program, Michigan State



          1997-    :                 Affiliated Faculty, American Studies Program,

                                        Michigan State University


          1994-97:                 Faculty of the Program in Comparative Literature

                                        Purdue University


          1993-97:                 Faculty of the Program in Philosophy and Literature

                                        Purdue University


                                        Faculty of the Program in American Studies

                                        Purdue University


          August, 1993:          Faculty of the Stuttgart Seminar in Cultural Studies

                                        1993 Topic:  Culture and the Imagination; Seminar

                                        on “American Signatures:  Imagining Postmodern                                                

American Culture.”


          1991-92:                 Senior Fulbright Lecturer, Department of American

                                        Studies, Universität Stuttgart


          Summer, 1991:        Guest Professor, Department of American Studies

                                        Universität Tübingen



1986-89:                 Associate in Comparative Literature, Program in

                                        Comparative Literature and Theory, University of



Summer, 1986:        Lecturer, Department of American Studies

                                        Universität Stuttgart


1979-80:                 Lecturer, Department of English

                                        University of California - Davis


                                        Instructor, Sacramento City College


          1977-78:                 Lecteur, Université de Bordeaux III


administrative appointments


          1997-    :                 Chair, Department of English, Michigan State



2003-2004:             Interim Chair, Department of Religious Studies,

                                        Michigan State University (while continuing as

                                        Chair of English)


1987-89:                 Coordinator of Graduate Programs and Director of

                                        Graduate Studies in Literature, Department of English,

                                        University of Arizona


          1985-87:                 Director of Undergraduate Studies in Literature

                                        Department of English, University of Arizona


honors, grants


          Walt Whitman Distinguished Fulbright Chair, Radboud University, Nijmegen

                    The Netherlands, Fall 2005.


          Fellow, CIC Academic Leadership Program, 1999-2000.


          International Programs Study Abroad Development Grant for developing an

                    exchange with the University of Aarhus, Denmark, 1998.


Purdue University International Travel Grant for a conference and lecturing

in Paris and Germany, 1994.


Senior Fulbright Award for lecturing at the Universität Stuttgart, Germany,



          National Endowment for the Humanities Grant to direct a Summer Seminar

for School Teachers at West Virginia University.  Topic:  “Reading

Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom,” 1990.


          University of Arizona International Travel Grant for lecturing in Germany

and France, 1985.


          Selected Participant, NEH Curriculum Integration Project Program in

Women’s Studies, University of Arizona, 1985.


University of Arizona Humanities Research Fund Grant, 1982.


          University of California Intercampus Research Fund Grant, 1976.


          Selected Graduate Fellow, School of Criticism and Theory, University of

California - Irvine, 1976 (mentors:  Frank Kermode and René







Latent Destinies: Cultural  Paranoia and Contemporary U.S. Narrative.

Durham:  Duke University Press, 2000.

Nominated for the Perkins Prize


F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jazz Age Stories.  Ed. and Introd. Patrick O’Donnell. 

NY:  Penguin Twentieth Century Classics, 1998.

          [Authored the "Introduction" and "Notes," pp. vii-vvvi; 417-27].


F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise.  Ed. and Introd. Patrick

                    O’Donnell.  NY:  Penguin Twentieth Century Classics, 1996.

[Authored the “Introduction” and “Notes," pp. ix-xxxi; 261-68].


Echo Chambers:  Figuring Voice in Modern Narrative.  Iowa City:

                    University of Iowa Press, 1992.

                    Nominated for the Edward M. Kayden Press Book Award

                        Nominated for the Christian Gauss Prize


New Essays on The Crying of Lot 49.  Ed. Patrick O’Donnell. 

                    New York and London:  Cambridge University Press, 1991.

 [authored the “Introduction” to this volume, pp. 1-20].


The Columbia History of the American Novel. General Editor,

                    Emory Elliott; Associate Editors, Cathy N. Davidson, Patrick

                    O’Donnell, Valerie Smith, and Christopher Wilson.   New York:

                    Columbia University Press, 1991. [Authored the “Preface to the

Late Twentieth Century” in this volume, pp. 513-14].


Intertextuality and Contemporary American Fiction.  Ed. Patrick                                    

O’Donnell and Robert Con Davis.  Baltimore:  Johns Hopkins

                    University Press, 1989.  [Co-authored the Introduction to this

volume, “Intertext and Contemporary American Fiction,” ix-xxii].


Passionate Doubts:  Designs of Interpretation in Contemporary                                     

American Fiction.  Iowa City:  University of Iowa Press, 1986.

                    Nominated for the James Russell Lowell Award


John Hawkes.  Boston:  G. K. Hall, 1982.


books in progress


Approaches to Teaching Faulkner’s AS I LAY DYING, co-edited

Patrick O’Donnell and Lynda Zwinger (contracting with MLA).


          The New American Novel:  Reading American Fiction Since 1980

                    (contracting with Blackwell for the “Reading the Novel” series)         


When Seen:  Henry James Through Contemporary Film.


           essays and articles


          “Heterogeneity or Chaos:  Mapping Contemporary American Fiction,”

                    Proceedings of the Ukrainian American Studies Association,



          “Faulkner’s Continuum,” forthcoming in the Blackwell Companion to

                    Faulkner, ed. Richard C. Moreland.


          “Metafiction,” entry for The Routledge Encylopedia of Narrative Theory,



 “James’s Birdcage/Hitchock’s Birds,” special issue of Arizona Quarterly

          on Henry James, forthcoming.


Contributor of eight new entries and forty-seven revised entries on

contemporary writers for the Cambridge Guide to Literature in

English, ed. Dominic Head.  Cambridge and New York:  Cambridge

University Press, 2006.


“James Bond:  Cyborg-Aristocrat,” in Ian Fleming & James Bond:  The

          Cultural Politics of 007, ed. Edward P. Comentale, Stephen Watt,

and Skip Willman.  Bloomington:  Indiana University Press, 2005:  55-68.



“Faulkner’s Future Tense:  A Critique of the Instant and the Continuum,”

Faulkner in the 21st Century, ed. Robert W. Hamlin and Ann J. 

Abadie.  University, MS:  University of Mississippi Press,  2002:  107-118. 


“Mass Modernism(s):  Between Hollywood and Berlin,” Transatlantic

          Modernism, ed. Joseph Schöpp and Martin Klepper.  Heidelberg:

          C. Winter, 2001:  221-30.


"The Intractability of Culture,"  The Translatability of Cultures:  Proceedings

          of the Sixth Stuttgart Seminar on Cultural Studies.  Stuttgart:

          Metzler and Poeschel, 1999:  115-32.


"Stray Thoughts on American Writing in the Age of Pleonastic

                    Reproduction," Sources:  Revue d'etudes anglophones (Université

                              d'Orleans), 5 (1998).


Contributor of thirty-one new entries and thirty-seven revised entries to

                    the contemporary American fiction section of the Cambridge Guide

                    to Fiction, revised edition, ed. Ian Ousby.  New York:  Cambridge

                    UP, 1998.  [complete list of entries available upon request].


“An Interview with Stephen Wright,” with Thomas Byers and Thomas

                    Schaub, Contemporary Literature, 39.2 (1998):  157-179.


 “Faulkner in Light of Morrison,” Unflinching Gaze:  Morrison and Faulkner

          Re-Envisioned, ed.  Carol A. Kolmerten, Stephen M. Ross, and

          Judith Bryant Wittenberg.  Oxford:  U of Mississippi P, 1997: 



“Editor’s Preface,” Modern Fiction Studies, 42.2 (1996):  255-58 [special

 issue on “Narrative and History].


“Speed, Metaphor, and the Postmodern Road Novel:  Stephen

                    Wright and Others,” Mississippi Review Web Edition, 5.1 (May



“Editor’s Preface,” Modern Fiction Studies, 41.1 (1995):  1-4 [special issue

 on “Postmodern Narratives”].


“American Signatures:  Postmodernism, Form, Objects,” and

                    “American Signatures:  Postmodern Identities, Postmodern

                    Histories,” Culture and the Imagination:  Proceedings of the Third

                    Stuttgart Seminar in Cultural Studies, ed. Heide Ziegler.  Stuttgart: 

                    Metzler and Poeschel, 1995:  59-106.


“Of Loose Ends and Red Herrings:  Elkin’s The McGuffin,”

          Review of Contemporary Fiction, 15 (1995):  92-100 [special half-

issue on Stanley Elkin, ed. Arthur Saltzman].


“Short Changed:  Thomas Berger’s Changing the Past,” Critical

                    Essays on Thomas Berger, ed. David W. Madden.  Boston:  G.K.

                    Hall (1995):  138-48.


“The Reader’s Frolic” (on Gaddis’ A Frolic of His Own), profiles

americaines, 6 (1995):  161-71 [special issue on William Gaddis,

ed. Michel Gresset].                   


“Faulkner and Postmodernism,” A Faulkner Companion, ed. Philip

                    Weinstein.  New York:  Cambridge University Press, 1994:  45-58.


“Between the Family and the State:  Nomadism and Authority in

                    As I Lay Dying,”  Faulkner Journal, 7 (1991/92; published Fall,                            

1993):  83-94 [special issue on Faulkner and Cultural Criticism].


          “The Voice of Paranoia:  Mailer’s The Executioner’s Song,” Prospects: An

                    Annual  of American Cultural Studies, 17 (1993):  459-73.


Remarking Bodies:  Divigations of Morrison from Faulkner,” Faulkner, His

                    Contemporaries, and His Posterity (Proceedings of the International

                    Faulkner Symposium), ed. Waldemar Zacharasiewicz. Tübingen:

                    Francke Verlag, 1993:  322-27.


“Living Arrangements:  On Donald Barthelme’s Paradise,”  Critical

                    Essays on Donald Barthelme, ed. Richard F. Patteson. Boston:                          

G.K. Hall, 1992:  208-16.


“Engendering Paranoia,” boundary 2, 19 (1992):  181-204; reprinted in

National Identities and Post-Americanist Narratives, ed. Donald Pease. 

Durham:  Duke University Press, 1994:  181-204.


“An Introduction to the Fiction of Jerome Charyn,” Review of Contemporary

Fiction, 12, 2 (1992):  87-95 [special half-issue on Jerome Charyn,

ed. Patrick O’Donnell].


“Stories My Father Never Told Me:  On John Hawkes’s Adventures

                    in the Alaskan Skin Trade,”  Critical Essays on John Hawkes,

                    ed. Stanley Trachtenberg.  Boston, G. K. Hall (1991):  201-210.


          “History Without Theory:  Re-Covering American Literature,”

                    Genre, 22 (1989; published 1991):  375-93 [with responses by Paul

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          “His Master’s Voice:  On William Gaddis’s JR,”  Posmodern Culture,

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“‘A Speeches of Chaff’:  Ventriloquy and Expression in Our Mutual

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“Sub Rosa:  Voice, Body, and History in Absalom, Absalom!,”

                    College Literature, 16 (1989):  28-47 [William Faulkner Issue].


“Becoming Discourse:  Eudora Welty’s ‘Petrified Man,’” Changing Our

Minds:  Interdisciplinary Essays on Feminist Transformations of

Knowledge, ed. Susan Hardy Aiken et al.  Albany:  State University

of New York Press, 1988:  15-38.


          “The Thicket of Language:  On Stanley Elkin’s Fiction,” Facing

                    Texts: Encounters Between Writers and Critics, ed. Heide Ziegler.

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“‘None Other’:  The Subject of Roth’s My Life as a Man,” Reading Philip

                    Roth, ed. Asher Milbauer and Donald Watson.  New York and

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“Self-Alignment:  John Hawkes’s Travesty,” Delta (Université Paul

                    Valéry), 22 (1986):  109-28.


“The Spectral Road:  Metaphors of Transference in Faulkner’s As I

                    Lay Dying,” Papers on Language and Literature, 20 (1984):  60-79. 

                    Reprinted in The Critical Cosmos:  American Fiction 1914-45, ed.

                    Harold Bloom. New Haven:  Chelsea House, 1989.


“The Disappearing Text:  Philip Roth’s The Ghost Writer,”

                    Contemporary Literature, 24 (1983):  365-78.


“Life and Art:  An Interview with John Hawkes,” Review of Contemporary

Fiction, 3 (1983):  107-26.


“Ludwig Binswanger and the Poetics of Compromise,” Review of

                    Existential Psychology and Psychiatry, 17 (1983):  235-44.


          “Watermark:  Writing the Self in Nabokov’s Pale Fire,” Arizona Quarterly,

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“Between Life and Art:  Structures of Realism in the Fiction of

                    Howells and James,”  Études Anglaises, 33 (1980):  142-55.


“Journeying to the Center:  Time, Pattern, and Transcendence in

                    William Golding’s Free Fall,”  Ariel, 11 (1980):  83-98.


“The Hero as Artist in John Hawkes’s Second Skin,” International

                    Fiction Review, 4 (1977):  119-27.


          essays in progress


          “Modernism and Proto-Postmodernism,” for the Blackwell Companion

                    to the Modern American Novel, ed. John T. Matthews.         


          “Henry James’s Memento.”


          “Subterranean Unheimlich Blues:  Don DeLillo’s Underworld,” for the

                    Blackwell Companion to Don DeLillo, ed. John Duvall.


          reviews and review-essays


Review of Robert Kiely, Reverse Tradition:  Postmodern Fiction and the

                    Nineteenth Century Novel, in ANQ, 8 (1995):  54-56.


Review of Jerome Klinkowitz, Structuring the Void:  The Struggle for the

                    Subject in Contemporary American Fiction, in Studies in the Novel,

                    25 (1993):  356-57.


          Review of Thomas Hill Schaub, American Fiction in The Cold War, in

Novel, 26, 2 (1993):  226-29


Review of Paul B. Armstrong, Conflicting Readings:  Variety and Validity in

                    Interpretation, in Journal of English and Germanic Philology, 91

                    (1993): 118-20.


Review of John Johnston, Carnival of Repetition:  Gaddis’s The

Recognitions and Postmodern Theory, and Joseph Dewey, In A

Dark Time:  The Apocalyptic Temper in the American Novel of the

Nuclear Age, in American Literature, 63 (1991):  355-58.


Review of Leon Lewis, Henry Miller:  The Major Writings, in American

                    Literature, 59 (1987): 487-88.


          Review-Essay of John Carlos Rowe, The Theoretical Dimensions

                    of Henry James; Mark Seltzer, Henry James and the Art of Power;

                    and Donna Przybylowicz, Desire and Repression:  The Dialectic of

                    Self and Other in the Late Work of Henry James, in Genre,

19 (1987):  319-26.


Review of Robert Con Davis and Ronald Schleifer, eds., Rhetoric and

Form:  Deconstruction at Yale, in MLN, 100 (1985):  1144-48.


Review of Ramón Saldívar, Figural Language in the Novel:  The Flowers of                  

Speech from Cervantes to Joyce, in Studies in the Novel, 17 (1985): 



          Review of Kenneth A. Bruffee, Elegiac Romance:  Cultural Change and the

                    Loss of the Hero in Modern Fiction, in Genre, 18 (1985):  86-88.


Review of Richard Pearce, The Novel in Motion:  A Theory of Modern

          Fiction, in American Literature, 56 (1984):  452-53.


Review of Glen A. Love, New Americans:  The Westerner and the Modern

Experience in the American Novel, in American Literature, 55, (1983):  273-75.


          Review of John Carlos Rowe, Through the Custom-House: Nineteenth-

Century American Fiction and Modern Theory; and Eric J. Sundquist,

American Realism: New Essays, in Genre, 16 (1983):  99-105.


Review of Elizabeth Dipple, Iris Murdoch:  Work for the Spirit, in Arizona

                    Quarterly, 38 (1982):  378-80.


Review of P.D. Juhl, Interpretation:  An Essay on the Philosophy of Literary

                    Criticism, in Genre, 14 (1981):  281-84.


          Review of Jack Undank, Diderot:  Inside, Outside, and In-Between, in Style,

                    15 (1981):  471-72.


“Explaining Thomas Pynchon,” review of William Plater, The Grim Phoenix: 

Reconstructing Thomas Pynchon; and George Levine and David

Leverenz, eds., Mindful Pleasures: Essays on Thomas Pynchon, in

International Fiction Review, 6 (1979):  152-56.



editorial responsibilities


Editor, MFS:  Modern Fiction Studies (1993-97; Vols. 38.1 - 42.3).


Associate Editor, Arizona Quarterly:  A Journal of American Literature,

Culture, and Theory (1988-  ).


Associate Editor, CELJ Newsletter [newsletter of the Council of

Editors of  Learned Journals] (1995-98)


Member, Board of Editors, Penn Studies in Contemporary American

Fiction, University of Pennsylvania Press (1993-00).


Consulting Editor, Contemporary Literature (1995-  ).


Member, Editorial Board, CR:  The New Centennial Review  (1999-  ).


Member, Editorial Board, MFS:  Modern Fiction Studies (2001 -  ).


Member, Board of Editors, Philip Roth Studies (2004 -   ). 


Member, Editorial Board, Postmodern Culture, an electronic journal of

                    postmodern literature and theory (1989-  ).


Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Faulkner Journal (1992-97).


Member, Board of Editors, American Literature (1992-94).


papers, lectures, panels, professional events


          Lecture, “Trauma Theory and Memento,” University of Ghent, November

                    7, 2005.


          Keynote Address, “Mapping Contemporary American Fiction: 

                    Heterogeneity or Chaos?”, University of Leuven, Belgium, Dec. 12,

2005; Third International Conference on

                    American Literature, Schevchenko Institute of Literature,

                    National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Institute

                    of International Relations, Shevchenko University, Kiev,

                    October 3, 2005.


          Paper, “Henry James’s Memento,”  Arizona Quarterly Symposium,

                    University of Arizona, April 1, 2005.


          Paper, “What Time is it in Kill Bill?”, Twentieth Century Literature

                    Conference, University of Louisville, Feb. 25, 2005.     


Paper, “James’s Birdcage/Hitchcock’s Birds,” Modern Fiction Studies

50th Anniversary Symposium, Purdue University, Oct. 1, 2004;

Dartmouth MALS Program, Dartmouth College, July 15, 2003;

University of Ghent Faculty Forum, November 7, 2005;

Arizona Quarterly Symposium on American Literature, Culture, and Theory,

University of Arizona March 30 2001(earlier version).


          Paper, “The Shape of Things to Come:  ‘The Beast in the Jungle,” Henry

                    James and New Formalisms Conference, University of Montreal,

                    May 14, 2004.


          Panel, “Southern Studies in the Institution,” U.S. South in Global Contexts

                    Conference, University of Mississippi, Feb. 14, 2004.


          “Reforming Doctorate Education:  What is Needed Now,”  ADE Summer 

Seminar, Minneapolis, June 7, 2003.


          “James Bond, Cyborg-Aristocrat,” “The Cultural Politics of Ian Fleming and

007” conference, Indiana University, May 30, 2003.


Panelist for faculty/student development sessions on scholarly publishing

                    and on editing an anthology, annual meeting of the Midwest Modern

                    Language Association, Minneapolis, November 9, 2002.


Lecture and Faculty Leader, USIA Institution on Contemporary Literature,

          University of Louisville, July 6-7, 2001.  Lecture Delivered:  “An

          Introduction to Contemporary American Fiction.”


Paper, “Parataxis is Your Friend,” ODELA conference on contemporary

          American Fiction, University Charles V, Paris, May 19, 2001.


Lecture, “Between Hollywood and Berlin,” International University,

          Bruchsal, Germany, May 15, 2001.


Chair, Panel, MLA Prose Fiction Division, “Narrative Contamination II:

                    Cultural Contamination,” Washington, D.C., 28 December 2000.


Plenary Lecture, “Faulkner’s Future Tense:  A Critique of the Instant and

The Continuum,” Faulkner Conference:  Faulkner in the 21st

Century,  University of Mississippi, July 26, 2000.


Lecture and Faculty Leader, USIA Institute on Contemporary Literature,

          University of Louisville, June 29-30, 2000.  Lecture delivered:

          “Contamination’s Rainbow.”


Keynote Address, “Contamination’s Rainbow,” Dutch American Studies

                    Association, Roosevelt Study Center, Middleburg, The Netherlands,

15 June 2000.


Introduction of Oliver Stone for Celebrity Lecturers Series, Michigan State

                    University, 20 March 2000.


          Paper, “The Hysteria of Contamination,” for a panel on “Contamination”

                    At the Twentieth Century Literature Conference, University of

                    Louisville, 26 February 2000.


          Panelist, MSU “MULTI” session on diversity recruitment and retention for

university administrators, 27 January 2000.


          Chair, Panel, MLA Prose Fiction Division, “Pose Fiction II:  Performing

                    Narrative,” Chicago, 29 December 1999.


Lecture, “Reservoir Dogs and the Criminality of Paranoia,” Dartmouth

          Master’s of Arts in Liberal Studies Program, 20 October 1999.


Lecture and Faculty Leader, USIA Institute on Contemporary Literature,

                    University of Louisville, 29-30 June 1999.  Lecture delivered:  JFK,

                    Libra, and the Politics of Assassination.”


Paper, “Paranoid Temporalities,” Narrative Conference, Dartmouth

                    College, 1 May 1999.


Participant, CIC Executive Leadership Seminar, Big Ten Conference

Center, Chicago, 6-7 November, 1998.


          Paper, "Postmodern Time and the Aesthetics of Identity," Plenary Session

                    "Ideology and Postmodernity," Aesthetics and Difference

                    Conference, Center for Ideas and Society, University of California-

                    Riverside, 25 October 1998.


Plenary Address, “The Time of Paranoia,” Conspiracy Culture Conference,

                    St. Alfred’s College, Winchester, England, July 17, 1998; also

                    delivered to the University of Oklahoma English Department,

                    16 September 1998.


Lecture, "The Intractability of Difference:  A View of Cultural Studies,"

Stuttgart Seminar on Cultural Studies, 6 August 1998.


Paper, “Men in Black:  The Libidinal Economies of Reservoir Dogs,”

                    Narrative Conference, Northwestern University, 3 April 1998.


Organizer and Moderator, Prose Fiction Division Panel, “Narrative and

                    Postcoloniality:  the Novel and Its ‘Others’,” Modern Language

                    Association, Toronto, 30 December 1997.


Respondent to Keynote Address of Homi Bhabha, Modern Literature

                    Conference, Michigan State University, 30 October 1997.


Lecture, "Assassins and Citizens:  Libra, JFK, and the Logic of National

Identity," University of Aarhus, Denmark, 24 October 1997.


Lecture, "Criminality and Paranoia," John F. Kennedy Institute, Freie

Universität Berlin, 22 October 1997.


Lecture, "Men in Black:  Quentin Tarrantino's Reservoir Dogs," 

          Universität Köln, 20 October 1997.


Paper, "Mass Modernisms:  Between Hollywood and Berlin," Transatlantic

Modernisms Conference, Universität Hamburg, 18 October 1997.


Paper, "American Studies and the Global Circuit."  Futures of American

Studies Conference, Dartmouth College, 12 August 1997.


Panel, “Mutations of Narrative Instances,” ENS Conference, “2001:  A

          Literary Illiad:  The Tribulations of American Literature Toward the

          New Millenium,” Ecole Normale Superiéure, Paris, 3 May 1997. 

Paper delivered:  “Stray Thoughts on American Writing in the Age of

          Pleonastic Reproduction.”


Panel Chair and Organizer, “Between Sexuality and Gender,”

          Narrative Conference, Columbus, Ohio, 27 April 1996.


Opening Address, “Speed, Metaphor, and the Postmodern Road Narrative:

                    Stephen Wright and Others,” Twentieth Century Literature

Conference, University of Louisville, 22 February 1996.


Panelist, Symposium on Scholarly Publishing, Indiana University

          English Department, 20 October 1995.


Lecture, “Paranoia and National Trauma,” Indiana University English

                    Department, 19 October 1995.


Keynote Address, “Toward a Provisional American Studies,” opening of

the American Studies Center, National University of Singapore,

                    25 September 1995.



Lecture, “Paranoia and Contemporary American Fiction,” Department of

                    English, National University of Singapore, 29 September 1995.


Lecture,  “Scholarly Editing and the Production of Knowledge,”

                    Department of English, National University of Singapore, 28

September 1995.


Lecture,  “Drowning (Out) Identity:  Voice and Addiction in Under the

Volcano,” First Dartmouth Lecture on the Culture of Addiction, Dartmouth College, 23 May 1995.


          Panel Chair and Organizer, “Narrative and History/Historicizing Narrative,”

                    Narrative Conference, Park City, Utah, 21 April 1995.


USIA Lecture Tour,  “Beyond Duality:  Reading John Hawkes’s Second

Skin,” presented to agrégation seminars at the Ecole Normale Superiore;

University of Paris VII; University of Strasbourg; University of Lyon II;

University of Dijon; University of Nice; University of Toulouse;

University of Bordeaux III; University of Tours; University of Rennes, 23 January-6 February 1995.


Paper,  “Founding ‘Career’:  This Side of Paradise as Authorial Initiation,”

                    panel on “Writers at Work,” International Fitzgerald/Hemingway

          Conference, Paris, 7 July 1994.


Paper,  “Faulkner in Light of Morrison,” Panel on “Faulkner and Morrison,”

          American Literature Association, San Diego, 3 June 1994.


Paper,  “Maintaining Class:  Nuclear Family Wars in Someone To Watch

                    Over Me,” Panel on “Films of the Reagan-Bush Era,” Narrative

Conference, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, 30 April 1994 (delivered in absentia);

Purdue University Cultural Studies Collective, 4 November 1994.


Lecture,  “Paper Chases:  Scholarly Publishing and the Production of

                    Knowledge,” West Virginia University, 21 April 1994.


Lecture, “Freedom and Necessity:  Paul Auster’s Leviathan,” Purdue

University Books and Coffee series, 10 February 1994.


Paper, “Reviewing Vietnam:  Identity, History, and Postmodernism in

                    Stone’s Platoon and Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket,” Panel on “Re-

figuring the 60s,” Midwest Modern Language Association, Minneapolis, 5 November 1993.



Paper, “Special Agents:  Postmodern Pastiche, Class and Gender in The

                    Silence of the Lambs,”  Symposium on Post/Modernism and

Feminism, University of Louisville, 15 October 1993.


          Lectures, "Postmodernism, Form, Objects I," and "Postmodernism, Form,

                    Objects II," Stuttgart Seminar on Cultural Studies, 3 August and 10

                    August, 1993.


Paper, “Paranoia and National Trauma in Stone’s JFK and DeLillo’s Libra,”

          boundary 2 20th Anniversary Conference, “Re-Figuring U.S.

                    Nationalisms,” Dartmouth College, 26 June 1993; Universität

                    Tübingen, 28 July, 1993.


Chair and Panel, “Narrative Pathologies,” International Conference on

Narrative, Albany NY, 2 April 1993. Paper delivered:  “National Trauma and The Cultural Imaginary.”


Lecture, “Between Voice and Echo:  The Space of Writing,”                                          

Interdisciplinary Series on Writing and Theory, Program in Rhetoric

and Composition, Department of English, Purdue University, 16       

March 1993.


Paper,  “The Man Who Wanted to Become a Woman:  Class and Gender

                    Identity in The Silence of the Lambs,” Florida State University

                    Comparative Literature and Film Circle conference on “Authority and

Transgression in Literature and Film,” Tallahassee,  29 January 1993.


Lecture, “The Literary Canon and the Columbia History of the American

                    Novel,” Centri di Studi Americani, Rome, 21 May, 1992; American

Studies Seminar on Literature Culture, and Politics, Lindow,

Germany, 8 March 1992.


Lecture, “Always Connect:  Paranoia and Contemporary American Fiction,”

Centri di Studi Americani, Rome, 20 May 1992; Pedagogische

Institut Erfurt, Germany; Universität Jena, Germany, 5 February 1992.


Lecture, “Tendencies in Contemporary American Fiction:  Some

Sentences,” Centri di Studi Americani, Rome, 19 May, 1992;

Niedersächsisches Landesinstitut für Lehrerfortbildung, Seminar on

Contemporary America Writing, Wolfenbüttel, Germany, 7 May

1992; Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium, 11 March 1992; USIS-

Mecklenberg-Vorpommern Landesinstitut für Ausbildung in

Fremdsprachen, Seminar on Teaching American Literature, Culture

and Society, Drosedow, Germany, 17 January 1992.


          Lecture, “Paranoia and Politics in Postmodern American Fiction,” Ecole

Normale Supérieure, Paris, 18 March 1992; Ecole Normale

Supérieure, Fontenay-Aux-Roses, France, 17 March 1992;

American Studies Seminar on “Literature, Culture, and Politics,”

sponsored by  USIA and the University of Potsdam, Lindow,

Germany, 7 March 1992.


          Lecture, “The Recursive Novel:  A Lecture on Pynchon’s Gravity’s

Rainbow,” Universiteit Antwerpen, 12 March 1992.


Paper, “The Voice of Paranoia in Mailer’s The Executioner’s Song,” Arizona

Quarterly Symposium on American Literature, Culture, and Theory,

University of Arizona, 28 February 1992; Purdue University English

Department, 30 January 1992.


Lecture, “Domestic Particulars, or, Fixing the Carpet: Orderly Disorder in

                    Film Noir,” Culture Club, Universität Tübingen, 16 January 1992;

Universität Stuttgart, 29 July 1994.


Paper, “Voice and Paranoia in Mailer’s The Executioner’s Song,”

                    Narrative Conference, Nice, 14 June 1991.


Paper, “Remarking Bodies:  Divigations of Morrison from Faulkner,”

                    International Faulkner Conference, Vienna, 31 May 1991.


Paper, “Mastering Voice in William Gaddis’ JR,” Twentieth Century

                    Literature Conference, University of Louisville, 22 February 1991.


Chair and Panel, “Discourses of the Alien and the Other,” conference on

“Crossing the Disciplines:  Cultural Studies in the 1990s,” University

 of Oklahoma, 19 October 1990. Paper delivered:  Foe’s Foe:

 Colonizing Narrative” (revision of 1989 paper). 


Paper, “Voice/Gaddis/Voice,” meeting of the Orleans-Tours Group for the

                    Study of Contemporary American Literature, Orleans, France, 15

June 1990.


Paper, “Between the Family and the State:  Nomadism and Authority in

                    Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying,” Panel on Faulkner and Theory,

American Literature Association Conference, San Diego, 31 May 1990.


Chair, Panel on Contemporary American Fiction, American Literature

                    Association Conference, San Diego, 31 May 1990.


Paper, “Engendering Paranoia,” Pennsylvania State University English

Department, 21 March 1990; 2nd Arizona Quarterly Symposium on

American Literature and Culture, University of Arizona, 1 March 1990.


Lecture, “Reading Signs, or, Stuck on Mobil Again,” initiation ceremony                          

for Sigma Tau Delta (English Honorary Society), West Virginia

University, 15 March 1990.


Chair, Panel on “Text and Hypertext: Faulkner, Borges, Pynchon, and

                    Coover,” Twentieth Century Literature Conference, University of

                    Louisville, 22 February 1990.


          Panelist, “Early Audiences:  the Editor and the Critic,” Interdisciplinary

          Conference on “(Re)producing Texts/(Re)presenting History,” Texas

A&M University, 28 September 1989.


          Chair, Faulkner Panel, California State Conference on American

                    Literature, San Diego, 2 June 1989.


Paper, “The Whitest Lie:  Defoe, Foe, and the Colonizing Narrative,”

          concurrent session on “Retelling History:  Discourses of

Colonization,” International Association of Philosophy and Literature

Conference, Emory University, 7 May 1989.


Paper, “Voicing Abjection:  A Reading of Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom!,”

                    University of Arizona Program in Comparative Literature and Theory

Symposium, 23 February 1989.


Panel Chair, “The Politics of Composing and Teaching,” Conference on

                    “Discourses of Power,” Arizona State University, 20 October 1988.


Paper, “Re-Covering American Literature:  History Without Theory,”

University of California-Davis English Department, 15 March 1988.


Lecture, “Mapping Theory,” Visiting Scholars Program, California State

                    University-Sacramento, 14 March 1988.


          Paper, “Flowering Ideology,” Special Session: “Subversion or

                    Containment?  Ideological Analysis and Nineteenth-Century

Literature,” MLA Convention, San Francisco, 28 December 1987.


Lecture, “Re-Covering American Literature:  History Without Theory,”         

                    symposium on “The States of Theory,” University of California-Irvine,

24 April 1987; also delivered at a meeting on “The New Historicism: 

A Symposium on Theory and Practice,” University of Arizona, 4 November 1987.


          Chair, Special Session:  “Versions of Parody in Contemporary American

                    Fiction,” MLA Convention, New York, 29 December 1986.


Paper, “Disfiguring the Sign:  Kristeva and the Body Semiotic,” panel on

                    “Deconstruction, Semiotics, Ideology,” Semiotic Society of America

Conference, San Francisco, 18 October 1986.


Paper, “On the Fiction of Stanley Elkin,” “Stanley Elkin Symposium,”

                    Universität Stuttgart, 10 June, 1986.


          Paper, “Policing Voices:  Ventriloquy and Expression in Our Mutual

                    Friend,” Narrative Conference, Ohio State University, 12 April 1986.


Paper, “Autobiography as Frame:  Reference and Self Reference in

                    Roth’s My Life as a Man and Nabokov’s Look at the Harlequins!,”

                    Special Session, ”The Frame in Modern Literature,“ MLA

Convention, Chicago, 30 December 1985.        


Panel Presentation, “On the State of Contemporary American Fiction,”       

                    international meeting of the Societé des Amis de Maurice

Coindreau, Museum of Modern Art, Paris, 4 May; Amerikahaus, Universität Stuttgart, 7 May.


Paper, “The Makings of Gilbert Sorrentino’s Mulligan Stew,” meeting of

                    the Group René Tadlov (Contemporary Fiction/Theory Research

Group of the Université de Paris III), Paris, 3 May.


          Chair, Panel on “J. Hillis Miller and Narrative Theory,” at the

                    Contemporary Genre Theory and the Yale School Conference,

University of Oklahoma, 1 June 1984.


Presentation, “Critical Institutions,” Co-Chair’s Introduction at a meeting

                    of the Arizona Criticism Group, University of Arizona, 7 April 1984.


          Paper, “The Politics of the Well-Made Critical Essay,” panel on                                      

“Comparative Literature/Theory:  Against Prevailing Orders,”

Twentieth Century Literature Conference, University of Louisville, 24

February 1984.


Paper, “Ellison’s Noble Man:  The Identity of Invisible Man,” Special

          Session, “Reconsiderations of Ellison’s Invisible Man,” MLA

                    Convention, New York, 28 December 1983.


Panel Organizer and Paper, Special Session, “Four Post Structuralist

Approaches to Recent American Fiction,” MLA Convention, Los

Angeles, 28 December 1982.  Paper presented:  “Self-Writing in

Nabokov’s Pale Fire.”


Chair, Special Session:  “Sports Fiction and Sports Culture,” Popular

                    Culture Association, Cincinnati, 26 March 1981.



Paper, “Fiction, Fate, and John Hawkes’s The Lime Twig,” presented to

                    the annual colloquium on Contemporary Fiction, Center for

Research on Contemporary American Literature, Université de Paris

III, 3 June 1978.


courses taught


          Michigan State University


          Introduction to Graduate Studies (graduate)

          Literary Form and Theory (graduate)

          Postmodern Literature and Theory (graduate)

          Twentieth Century American Literature (graduate)

          Faulkner and Theory (graduate)

          Modern Criticism (graduate)

          Interdisciplinary Arts and Humanities:  Modernism and the City


          Introduction to Literature (undergraduate)

          Honors Introduction to Literature (undergraduate)


          Purdue University


          American Studies Interdisciplinary Seminar (English/Political Science):

                    “Scenes from the Postmodern Cultural Imaginary,” co-taught with

                    Diane Rubenstein (graduate)

          Seminar on Modern and Postmodern American Fiction (graduate)

          Seminar on Narrative Theory (graduate)

          Contemporary American Fiction (graduate)

          American Literature:  Late 19th and 20th Century (undergraduate)


          West Virginia University


          Faulkner (graduate)

          Modern American Literature (graduate)

          Approaches to Criticism:  Cultural Poetics (graduate)

          Studies in the Novel:  The Novel and its Parts—Joke, Parable, Tale, Case

                    History (graduate)

          Contemporary Literature (undergraduate)

          Southern Literature (undergraduate)


          University of Arizona


          Contemporary American Novel (graduate)

          Postmodern Fiction and Theory (graduate)

          History and Theory of the Novel (graduate)

          Faulkner (graduate)

          Versions of Postmodernism (graduate)

          Theories of Criticism:  Fiction (graduate)

          Modern American Literature (graduate)

          Senior Honors (Epistemology and Narrative; undergraduate)

          Junior Honors (The Idea of the Letter; undergraduate)

          Freshman English (undergraduate honors)

          Major American Writers (undergraduate)

          American Short Story (undergraduate)

          Modern American Poetry (undergraduate)

          Modern American Novel (undergraduate)

          American Realism (undergraduate)

          Contemporary World Fiction (undergraduate)

          Literary Analysis (undergraduate)


          Radboud University-Nijmegen


          Contemporary American Fiction (graduate)

          Transatlantic Ties:  Urban Modernism (graduate)


          Universität Stuttgart


          Poststructuralist Narrative Theory (graduate)

          Studies in Cultural Poetics (graduate)

          Landeskunde:  American Literary Spaces (graduate)

          Ringvorlesung:  sequence on contemporary literary theory (undergraduate)

          Contemporary American Fiction (undergraduate)

          American English (undergraduate)

          Landeskunde:  Introduction to Popular Culture (undergraduate)

          Landeskunde:  American film noir (undergraduate)

          Modern American Novel (undergraduate)

          Landeskunde:  Space in American Literature and Film (undergraduate)


          Universität Tübingen


          Postmodern American Fiction (graduate)

          Vorlesung:  Voice in Narrative (undergraduate)

          Introduction to Faulkner (undergraduate)


university and departmental service


          Committees:  Michigan State University

          (exclusive of normal committee responsibilities as department chair)


          Provost Search Committee

          College of Arts and Letters English Language Center Review Committee

          College of Arts and Letters Study Abroad Coordinator Search Committee

          MSU Greek Alliance Committee


          Committees:  Purdue University


          English Department Primary Committee

          English Department Policy Committee (chair, 1994-95)

          English Department Graduate Admissions Committee

          Modern American and British Poetry Search Committee

          Senior African American Search Committee

          African-American Literature Search Committee (chair)

          Literary Awards Committee (chair, 1995-97)

          School of Liberal Arts Purdue Research Foundation Summer Grants


          School of Liberal Arts Faculty Senate


          Committees:  West Virginia University


          College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Researcher Awards Committee

          Women’s Studies Executive Committee

          Dickinson Symposium Committee (co-chair, 1990-91; 1991 theme:

                    “Social Constructions of Gender”)

          Benedum Award Selection Committee (chair, 1990-91)

          College of Law Endowed Chairs Committee

          Ph.D. Admissions Committee

          Graduate Program Committee

          Promotion & Tenure Committee

          American Literature Search Committee


          Committees:  University of Arizona


          University of Arizona Poetry Board

          University Salary Equity Committee

          College Pre-Health Admissions Committee

          Faculty of Humanities Colloquium Committee

          Department Council

          Undergraduate Studies Committee (Chair, 1985-87)

          Freshman English Review Committee

          Graduate Literature Curriculum Committee (Chair, 1988-89)

          Graduate Literature Admissions Committee

          Graduate Studies Committee (Chair, 1988-89)

          Graduate Programs Review Committee (Chair)

          American Literature Search Committees

          Film/Feminist Theory Search Committee

          Open Field Literature Search Committee

          Multi-Ethnic Literature Search Committee (Chair)


professional service


          Elected Member of the Association of Departments of English Executive

                    Committee, 2002-2004.


          External Review Team Leader, University of Nebraska-Lincoln English

                    Department external review, April 2003.


          Consultant:    Johns Hopkins University Press

                              Oxford University Press

                              Duke University Press

                              Cambridge University Press

                              University of Pennsylvania Press

                              University of Wisconsin Press

                              University of Illinois Press

                              University of Minnesota Press

                              University of North Carolina Press

                              University of Iowa Press

                              University of Oklahoma Press

                              SUNY Press

                              Northern Illinois University Press

                              Farleigh Dickinson University Press

                              Purdue University Press

                              Random House/Alfred A. Knopf

                              Bedford Books/St. Martin’s

                              Palgrave/St. Martin’s



          Writer:          Law School Admissions Test (1982-83)


          Participant:    Mellon HELP Project for curriculum integration between the

                              University of Arizona and Pima and Cochise Community

                              Colleges (1986-87)


Outside Evaluator:  Arizona Humanities Council for projects and lectures

                              on Contemporary Composers and the Community,

                              The Chinese Barrio in Tucson, Images of War in Film

                              and Television, and the Art and Architecture of Chartres


Discussion Leader:  “Detectives in Black and White,” a community

                              reading seminar on the “hard-boiled” detective novel,

                              and “The American Journey,” a seminar on the

                              American Novel, conducted as part of the Tucson

                              Public Library “America Reading” program, funded by NEH.


          Panelist:        National Endowment for the Humanities Panel on

                              Summer Seminars for School Teachers, Division of

                              Fellowships, May, 1993; May, 1995.


                              National Endowment for the Humanities Panel on

                              Institutes and Summer Seminars in American Studies

                              for College Teachers, May, 1998.


                              National Endowment for the Humanities Panel on

                              Media Programs, Division of General Programs, April, 1989.


          Judge:          Perkins Award, Society for the Study of Narrative

                              Literature, 1995

                              CELJ  Best New Journal Award, 1995-97

                              CELJ  Best Special Issue Award, 1998-99


professional memberships


          Association of Departments of English (Member, Executive Committee,                


          Modern Language Association (Member, Executive Committee on

                    Prose Fiction, 1996-2000; Member, Delegate Assembly,


          Midwest Modern Language Association (Member, MMLA Executive

                    Committee, 2002-2005)

          Modernist Studies Association

          American Literature Section, MLA

          American Studies Association

          Society for the Study of Narrative Literature

          American Literature Association

          Society for Critical Exchange

          Council of Editors of Learned Journals (Executive Board Member

                    in charge of Newsletter and Website, 1993-1998)