Eileen van Ravenswaay, Ph.D
Professor Emeritus
Environmental Economics
Department of Agricultural Economics
Michigan State University


Principles of Macroeconomics (undergraduate 2005-present): introduction to national income accounting, economic growth, aggregate demand and supply, money and banking, monetary policy, fiscal policy, and exchange rates.

Principles of Microeconomics (undergraduate 2005-present): supply and demand, elasticities, consumer behavior, production costs, market strucutres, resource demand, market failure.

Ecological Economics (undergraduate 1997-2003): tradeoffs between economic development and environmental quality, analytical tools for understanding how the economy and the environment are related, economic analysis of environmental management in business firms and the impact of public policies on environmental management. One section of the course was taught online and one was taught in the classroom.

Environmental Economics (undergraduate 1998-2000): economic analysis of air emissions, water effluents, and solid waste problems and public policy alternatives for addressing those problems.

Resource and Environmental Economics (undergraduate 1995-96): economic analysis of environmental standard setting and regulation with emphasis on incentive-based policies and global sustainability.

Economics of Environmental Resources (graduate 1992-95): economic principles used to understand environmental conflicts and to evaluate public policy alternatives. Applications to water quality, land use, conservation, development, and global environmental issues.

Tropical Fisheries and Wildlife Management in the Bahamas (undergraduate May 1994): two week intensive overseas study course held at the Bahamian Field Station on San Salvador Island. Classroom and field study of diverse tropical island ecosystems, human impacts on those ecosystems, and relevant resources management issues.

Agricultural Policy and the Food System (undergraduate 1991-92): economic analysis of public policies affecting agricultural commodity prices, international trade of agricultural commodities, domestic and international food distribution, environmental impacts and sustainability of modern agriculture, and rural economic development.

Introduction to Community Economics (undergraduate 1980-89): economic analysis of community policies including solid waste disposal, public health, income assistance, land use planning, transportation, environmental protection, and education.

Economic Policy Processes (undergraduate 1980-90): policy analysis methods including elementary statistics, benefit-cost analysis; explanation of legislative, administrative, and budget processes.

Social Model Building (undergraduate 1977): introduction to social models in decision theory, microeconomic theory, learning theory, and demography.

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