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        University of Nebraska, 1956,  B.S.  University of Wisconsin, 1957, M.S., 1959, Ph.D.

            M.S. thesis “The Soil Bank: An Appraisal of the Experience in Rock County, Wisconsin

            Ph.D. thesis “Water Allocation and Development in Wisconsin




        Former Positions:

                 Research Assistant, University of Wisconsin, 1956-1959

                 Assistant Professor, Michigan State University, 1959-1964

                 Associate Professor, Michigan State University, 1964-1968

                 Professor, Michigan State University, 1968-1998


        Present Position:

                 University Distinguished Professor,

                 Department of Agricultural Economics and Department of Resource Development,

                 Michigan State University, 1998 to 2006.


Research and teaching in resource economics, rural development, public finance, public choice, and institutional and behavioral economics.


On leave September 1968 to September 1969 with the Systems Analysis Group (Civil Works), U.S. Department of the Army, Office of the Secretary.




        Alpha Zeta and Gamma Sigma Delta, scholastic honoraries


Travel grant from American Farm Economic Association to attend International Conference of Agricultural Economists, Lyon, France, 1964.


Resources for the Future, Inc., visiting scholar, 1964-5.


McLean Memorial Lecturer, University of Guelph, Canada, 1969.


Quality of Communication Award, American Agricultural Economics Assoc., 1992.


        Consultancies on rural land use, environmental policy and institutional design in US, France, Mali, Romania, and Zimbabwe.


        University Distinguished Professorship, Michigan State University, awarded, 1998.


        Various Approaches To Assessing The Evolution and Impact of Alternative Institutional Structures, A Workshop in Honor of the Career of A. Allan Schmid, Michigan State University, March, 2007.




Land Economics, 1969-1971

Journal of Economics Issues, 1972-1975

        American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 1978-1980

European Journal of Law and Economics, 1994-2006.




Maintains an institutional economics Web page with course outlines and papers.


Organized Free Sessions on Institutional Economics, AAEA meetings, 11 years. Provided base for organization of Institutional & Behavioral Economics Section.




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        Socratic probing and active learning are the hallmarks of Schmid’s teaching.  Class time is used to apply and extend the assigned reading, rather than used for lectures to deliver facts and definitions.  Students are drawn out and their ideas respected.  They are asked to write a short essay each week as part of their preparation for class discussion. 

        For the undergraduate course in community economics, a book of case studies illustrates key concepts in public economics.  Real problems of state and local government place students in the role of administrative or legislative staff who must analyze the consequences of alternative policies for decision makers.  Schmid’s graduate course in institutional and behavioral economics draws students from around the world not only in agricultural economics, but also resource development, planning, economics, accounting, communications and sociology.  His book, Property, Power, and Public Choice is a core reading in this course, as it is in other universities, including the University of Georgia, University of Vermont, and the University of Delaware.  His book, Benefit-Cost Analysis has been used at Stanford and Macalester College.


Courses Taught

PRM 201, Community Economics (1993 - present)

Policy analysis of state and local government revenues, services and private business regulation.  Impact on resource use, economic development, income distribution and human values.


AEC 800, Foundations of Agricultural Economics (1997 – present)

Concepts of agricultural economics drawn from economic and management theory.  Applications to managerial decisions and economic policy issues for businesses, markets and institutions.


AEC-RD-EC 810, Institutional and Behavioral Economics (1959 – present)

Relationshiops among institutions, individual and collective actions, and economic performance.  Public choice, property rights, and behavioral theories of firms and bureaucracies.


Student Advising

Major professor and thesis supervisor for 39 Ph.D students and 22 M.Sc. students.

Guidance committee member for 140 Ph.D. and 70 M.Sc. students.

Outside examiner for Ph.D. theses at Roskilde University, Denmark; Swedish University of Agriculture, Upsala; and Ecole Nationale Superieure Agronomique, Montpellier, France.