Our wish is that every rottweiler have a loving and nurturing life-time home. Towards that end we are staunch supporters of spay and neuter until such time as no rottweiler will ever be exploited because they are so plentiful.

If you'd like to adopt one of the dogs showcased on this page, please email Arlene for an adoption application. We are looking for applicants in the mid-Michigan area with excellent veterinary references and a securely fenced yard (no e-fences!).

In addition to the dogs we have available for adoption, we are happy to provide a referral service for people who, for one reason or another, are forced to give up their pets. Since these dogs are not with us we have not personally provided their veterinary care but can share with you the information we have been given by their current owners.

If you're interested in utilizing our referral service we'd be pleased to put your dog's picture and story on our site to help them get the best home possible. Please email Arlene for a rehome form


Hope is a happy, loving girl with a sparkling personality who hopes her name will bring her good luck. Hope was adopted two years ago from a rescue that has since closed. Hope and her new elderly owner loved each other dearly. Very sadly Hope's owner passed away in mid-February and Hope's home will soon be sold to settle the estate leaving Hope no place to go. Hope is wonderfully well trained, housebroken and nondestructive. Hope is a very young 5 years who loves to play and doesn't even destroy her toys! She is happiest being close to her people and cuddling. Since Hope is unknown around other animals it would be best that she not go to a home with another female dog or with cats. She probably would do great with another large, neutered male. Hope was recently evaluated by a trainer who describes her as "a beautiful girl, very loving with people, knows basic obedience commands." The trainer "believes Hope would do fine with other dogs with proper introduction." There are 4 videos of Hope that shows how wonderful she is! If you'd like to welcome Hope into your heart and home, live in the mid-Michigan area, have an excellent vet reference and a securely fenced yard (no e-fences!), please email Arlene for an adoption application.


Valentino is a handsome boy who will turn 5 on Valentine Day. This wonderful dog has been raised with children and adores them as you can see from his photos. He loves to play with other dogs and has lived with cats with no problems. Valentino is looking for a new family to love and take care of as his owners had to move into a rental home where rottweilers are not allowed. He's currently at his owner's mom's house where he can stay for only a short time. His owner tells us:

"Valentino is such a sweet dog and he's a water dog! He LOVES baths and swimming! He loves his family deeply. He will protect the ones he loves. He has NEVER tried to bite anyone, he just barks at people he doesn't know. He's a big, cuddly bear once he knows you. I love Valentino so much but because he's not living with us, it's hard to give him the care he needs. We want him to go to someone that has the time for him. Someone that can give him a healthier lifestyle than we are currently able to. My mom has two small dogs and they all get along great."
Valentino exemplifies the perfect rottweiler sense of responsibility, and he is immaculately housebroken and non-destructive. His mission in life is to be your family's best and most faithful friend. Valentino is an exceptionally special fellow looking for an exceptionally special family to share the rest of his life with. If that's you, please email Arlene for an adoption application.