The Pied Piper's Pifflings
on Literature for Children

Tom, Tom, the piper's son.
He learned to play when he was young.
And all the tune that he could play
Was `over the hills and far away.'

Tom with his pipe made such a noise,
That he pleased both girls and boys,
And they all stopped to hear him play,
`Over the hills and far away.'

Tom played his pipe with such a skill
Those who heard could ne're keep still;
As soon as he played they began for to dance,
And pigs on their hind legs would after him prance.

As Dolly was milking her cow one day,
Tom took his pipe and began for to play;
So Doll and the cow danced the `Cheshire Round,'
Till the pail was broken and the milk on the ground.

He met old Dame Trot with a basket of eggs,
He used his pipe and she used her legs;
She danced about till the eggs were all broke,
She began for to fret, and he laughed at the joke.

Tom saw a cross fellow was beating an ass,
Heavy laden with pots, pans, dishes and glass;
He took out his pipe and played them a tune,
And the poor donkey's load was lightened full soon.

Follow the piper over the hills...

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