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2012 Fruit Freeze Resouces 

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Fruit Farm financial analysys summary Paper (pdf file) this downloadable staff paper is designed for a farm to assemble their financial and production records into a format that allows them to create a Farm Financial Business Analysis report on their own.  This information can be very valueable if a farm is providing finanical information to their lenders or in the case of the Drought or Freeze Disaster loans this report can be part of the farms financial information needed to obtain a new loan or in some cases in the restructure of current loans.
Fruit Farm Business Analysis  (pdf file)

Cash Flow spreadsheet tool:   a simple excel based spreadsheet that can aid a farm in the process of building a cash flow plan for their farm.  This tool has the ability to compile up to 24 months which will be helpful for farms that are experiencing crop losses in 2012 and will need to project into 2013 harvest and marketing of next years crop.  Download a copy of this file to revew.   Edited by Roger Betz, District Farm Management Educator for Michigan State University Extension

Balance Sheet tool:  a simple excel base spreadsheet that can be used by farms to build their indivual Balance Sheet Statement.  The Balance Sheet it one of the primary financial documents used to evaluate a farms financial health and is one of the statements required by lenders in the application process to secure a loan.  Download a copy of this file to revew.   Edited by Roger Betz, District Farm Management Educator for Michigan State University Extension

Fruit farm cash flow and production projection spreadsheet:   this is an excel spreadsheet developed by Penn State University and mondifed for use of Michigan fruit farm producers by Stan Moore, This file helps farms to project production changes in fruit tree blocks on a multi-year basis which can be a valuable tool.     Download a copy of this file to revew.

Michigan 1% Fruit Freeze Disaster Loan Program assistance presentation.  This is a power point presentation that was developed by Stan Moore, Extension Educator with the support of  Curtis Talley and Adam Kantrovich- Extension Educators also presenting this presentation at farm producer meetings in various locations.  You will find a Power Point. ppt  file and a   Adobe. pdf  version for those that do not power point

Risk Management - Using Crop Insuarance;   A special webinar has been recorded for your viewing that is an overview of how  Fruit Farms may want to utilize one of the potential crop insurance program options to work to lower their farms financial risk.  To view this webinar use the following link:

Fruit Crop Insurance information worksheet.   A special informational crop insurance worksheet for fruit farms that was developed by  Melissa VanBeveren,  Crop Insurance Agent, PO Box 15, Casnovia, MI 49318  Phone: 517-202-0944; Fax: 616-582-5953     E-mail: