Rental Agreements and Contracts


**Midwest Plan Service has a web site where you can order and/or download a variety of publications and contract - agreements for Agriculture.

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Titles of available downloadable contracts found on the above website link:
Cash Farm Lease (with Flexible Provisions)
Pasture Lease

Purchase these forms from Midwest Plan Service:
Farm Building or Livestock Facility Lease                                 download building rental values survey Iowa State University  
Irrigation Crop-Share or Crop-Share/Cash Farm Lease


**Ohio State University Extension (Ohioline)
Farm Rental Fact Sheet Index
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Titles of available downloadable factsheets found on the above website link:
Legal and Management Aspects of Ohio Farmland Leases, FR-0001-01 (pdf)
Flexible-Cash Rents for Farmland, FR-0002-01 (pdf)
Farm Rental Agreement Checklist, FR-0003-01 (pdf)
Managing Landlord-Tenant Relationships: A Strategic Perspective, FR-0004-01 (pdf)
Crop Share Leasing in Ohio, FR-0005-01 (pdf)
Tax Issues for Farm Rental Agreements, FR-0006-02 (pdf)
Leasing Farm Buildings and Livestock Facilities, FR-0007-02 (pdf)
Establishing a Fair Pasture Rental Rate, FR-0008-06 (pdf)