Websites and References for Oil and Gas Lease information

The following resources have been developed to assist landowners that have been contacted by oil and gas companies requesting a lease agreement.
If you should have additional questions, please feel free to contact Curtis Talley, Jr., District Farm Management Educator at 231-873-2129. _gas   Click here to connect to Michigan State University Extension's Oil & Gas portal page

Information that you can find on this web page:
        1. Example of an actual Oil & Gas Lease -   A copy of the lease used by the State Of Michigan   is available for your review and to download
        2. Land Owner Resources - an information sheet that provides helpful information and a listing of Attorney's that practice in oil and gas leasing
        3.  Notes on some lease ammendments that some landowners have asked to have put into their lease agreement in the past
        4.  A detailed video that explains the process of   FRACKING
        5.  Numerous links to other resourse like the  Michigan Department of Nat. Resources -- Oil & Gas division that has a huge data base of information about current oil & gas activity in Michigan
        6.  Oil & Gas Newsletter's      May be something that can review, download and even subscribe to.