Prevented Planting Info:
Check out the podcast from:  MSU, Univ. of Illinois & Purdue University

Staff Paper: 2011-06  titled  LATE PLANTING DECISIONS WITH CROP INSURANCE: DECISION GUIDELINES FOR MICHIGAN FARMERS IN SPRING 2011  written by Roger Betz, David B. Schweikhardt, J. Roy Black and James Hilker - Department of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economic, Michigan State University,  dated June 3, 2011 (pdf file)

Cover Crops and Prevented Planting Update for Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio -
          News Release from USDA Risk Management Agency (pdf file)

Crop Insurance Decision Tool & Planting Decision Model
(excel templates) website:

Check out the podcast from farmdoc website:

Iowa has some helpful material and a excel template that compares Corn vs. Soybean in Prevented Planting and Replanting partial budgets:

Purdue- web page/ chat room has a full webinar that you may want to view as a 60 minute overview along with other resources.

USDA RMA risk management web page for crop insurance information and links.

Michigan Locations - Seasonal Growing Degree Day Accumulation graphs
June 15 - First Fall Freeze                     June 30- First Fall Freeze   
- Adrian                                                   - Adrian
- Alma                                                     - Alma
- Alpena                                                  - Alpena
- Bad Axe                                               - Bad Axe
- Stephenson                                          - Stephenson
- Three Rivers                                       - Three Rivers
- Traverse City                                      - Traverse City
June 13, 2011 complied by Dennis Stein, Farm Management, MSU Extension