Crop Enterprise Budgets

Files are all in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format unless specified as Excel.  We are in the process of updating the crop production budgets listed below.
The columns list a date when last updated.

Beef & Sheep 
Updated 10-2007
Updated 10-2007
Updated 10-2007

Updated  May 2015
Field Crop Budgets
Updated  Sept. 2013
Forage Budgets
Updated 10-2007
 Beef  Calf - Stocker Calf Farrow to Finish Dairy Cow 
18,000 - 22,000 milk sold
Complete Excel Workbook
of Saginaw Valley Field
Crop Budget templates 
05/05/15 version
Complete Excel Workbook
of MSU Forage Budgets 
templates  09/03/13version
Bell Peppers
Yearling Feeder Steer -
Yearling Holestein Calf
Breed to 
Feeder Pig
Dairy Cow 26,000 milk sold
& Dairy Heifer
Field Crop Input Index
Forage Crop Input Index Market Tomatoes
Ewe & Lamb - Finish Lamb Feeder Pig
to Finish
Dairy Cow Replacements
18,000 - 22,000 milk sold
Corn - High Yield  Corn Silage Pumpkins

Breed to Wean Dairy Cow Replacements
26,000 & Grazier
Corn - Mid Yield Alfalfa Haylage-800 lb sq bales
4 Cut System & 3 Cut System

Wean to Finish
Corn - Irrigation Alfalfa  800 lb sq bales
4 Cut System & 3 Cut System

Wean to Feeder Pig
Soybean - High Yield Mixed Hay Lrg Square Bales
3 Cut System & 2 Cut System

Soybean - Mid Yield Alfalfa Seeding & Grass Hay

Wheat Pasture

Oats  Barley Silage & Oatlage


Sugarbeets & Navy Beans