Below are links to Fact sheets or resource files that you might find helpful in developing a Farm Business Plan.

1.   Business Plan (word doc) - This is an outline list of items found in most business plans and explanations of what they are.

2.  Business Plan Worksheet (word doc) - 19 pages of worksheets that will help you collect the beginning information needed
                                                                    to start your business plan.

3.  Types of Business Organizations -

6.  Marketing Plan(word doc) - This may be the most important part of your business plan. You must sell what you produce
                                                    in order to be successful. A marketing plan should describe your entire marketing process.
                                                    A complete plan will provide you with a synopsis of your market research, marketing goals,
                                                    customer identification, advertising and promotions, pricing strategies, product differentiation,
                                                    moving product from farm to customer, marketing costs, marketing timetables, and an
                                                    evaluation of your marketing plans. Write your plan in as much detail as possible using the
                                                    following questions and any others that may be appropriate. You may need to answer the
                                                    questions for each product you produce.

7.  Tactical Plan - (word doc) -      This is a worksheet / table that you can use to help you  to plan how you will achieve your
                                                  goal(s).  It asks questions like:
                                                  What task or activityis to be done?
                                                  Who is responsible?
                                                  How or where will the task be done?
                                                  When to perform task (what deadlines are needed)?

8.  Online Business Plan Tool by CFFM -
                                                Start writing your business plan with INVenture . . . a business planning
                                                tool to successfully launch a new venture . 
                                                Because it can be difficult to know where to begin exploring a venture, this website helps you
                                                by asking key questions about what you want to do. After completing the online assessment
                                                process, either individually or with the assistance of a New Ventures Team member, you
                                                should be able to go to potential partners with a well-planned idea.