Human Resouce / Labor 
Web site - Resource Sources:
 MSU Professor - Dr. Vera Bitsch web site contains information such as: 
             * Agriculture Employer Check List     upfdated Jan. 2016
             *Tips & Hints on Labor Law Compliance 
             *Agricultural Labor Management 
             *USDA: Agriculture Labor Affairs
University of California - web site contains
 Information such the following topics: 
              -Agricultural Labor Management 
              -Conflict & Mediation 
              -Employee Compensation 
              -Farm Family Relations 
New Hire Packet Information
Listed below are pdf files for forms that can be are used when hiring new employees:
              -MSU Publication E-2966 Titled " Agriculture Labor Laws" 
           - Form I-9 
              - Form MI-W4
           - Form  Michigan New Hire
            - Form Federal W-4
New Employer forms:
              - Federal Form SS-4 ( application for Employeer Identification Number{EIN}) 
              - Form 518 - Michigan Business Taxes Registration booklet 

The following are helpful websites:
Telfarm Articles reference page - This webpage contains links to Human Resource issues, Standard Weights & Measurements, Understanding Loan Deficiency Payments(LDP) & Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) loans as well as Telfarm Accounting  Entries
Links to Tax Issues for 2011 and the last 7 previous years.

Michigan tax 2014 forms:,4676,7-238-44143-344410--,00.html

Michigan New Hire website - find information and instructions
or use the link below to go directly to the webpage with a list of  frequently used, downloadable forms:

2013 Michigan Income Tax Withholding Guide-Instructions
             Michigan Tax Withholding Table 2013

Michigan Sales & Use Tax Certificate of Exemption