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Selected Projects and Publications

A number of research papers are organized by topic below, with selected publications available for download. This is not a comprehensive list of all publications, and was last updated in February 2019. Please visit my Google Scholar page for the most comprehensive listing of my publications. Alternative sites with publication archives are at ResearchGate and Academia.edu.

A listing of authored or edited books and journals is also provided.

Much of my work on this topic was supported by the MSU Global Center for Food Systems Innovation through a grant from USAID.

Work on this topic was supported by NSF grant 1422316, "Intra-Organizational Boundary Spanning: Strategic Implications for the Design, Implementation, and Use of Enterprise Social Media" in the IIS CHS program. More details are provided on the project site.

This project was funded by National Science Foundation Award Numbers 0231584 and 0705186, in collaboration with Rolf Wigand of the University of Arkansas, Little Rock and M. Lynne Markus of Bentley College. More information is available at the VISTA project archive site.


These papers examine the possible roles that e-commerce and ICT use has in the context of local and regional business clusters. This work is an outgrowth of earlier research exploring connections between physical location and online commerce. Selected papers include:

Two recent papers overview emerging applications of wireless technologies, including location-based services and public wireless local area networks.

Together with an interdisciplinary group of e-commerce researchers, Steinfield collaborated on the editing of two special issues of Information Systems Research on e-commerce metrics. The two cover articles from these special issues are:

  • Straub, D., Hoffman, D., Weber, B., and Steinfield, C. Toward New Metrics for Net-Enhanced Organizations, Information Systems Research, 13 (3), 2002, 227-238. ( abstract from INFORMS Pubsonline).
  • Straub, D., Hoffman, D., Weber, B., and Steinfield, C. Measuring e-Commerce in Net-Enabled Organizations: An Introduction to the Special Issue, Information Systems Research, 13 (2), 2002, 115-124. (pdf abstract from INFORMS Pubsonline).

A major stream of e-commerce research explored the role of location in e-commerce strategy. Much of this work was funded as the PLACE project (Physical presence and Location Aspects of e-Commerce Environments) by the Telematics Institute in the Netherlands, with additional support from Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management.

A National Science Foundation (Award Number 9811568) project examined globally distributed engineering design teams (IIS-9811568). The International Networked Teams for Engineering Design (INTEnD) project included partners in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Russia, and China. Teams of engineering students and professionals were equipped with a variety of communication and collaboration tools to enable truly distributed design work. As part of this project, a Web-based collaborative system called TeamSCOPE (Team Software for Collaborative Project Environments) was developed. Basic project information, including links to papers and reports, is archived at http://cscw.msu.edu/. Selected INTEnD and TeamSCOPE publications include:

In collaboration with Robert Kraut at Carnegie Mellon University, another National Science Foundation project (Award Number 9408271) explored the effect of e-commerce on market structures. Questions about buyer-seller relationships and the impact on intermediaries were explored.

In the mid-1980s up through the early 1990s, I presented and published a number of papers related to computer-mediated communication in organizational settings. Many of these are hard, if not impossible, to find online. Some of the work is based on my dissertation, Communicating Via Electronic Mail: Patterns and Predictors of Use in Organizations (abstract only). Others were papers with Janet Fulk and colleagues where we developed our social influence model of technology use (originally we called it the social information processing model). For most of these papers, please email me (steinfie@msu.edu) for a copy.

  • Steinfield, C. Dimensions of use of electronic mail in organizations. In J. Pearce and R. Robinson (eds.) Proceedings of the Academy of Management, 1985. (please email steinfie at msu dot edu for a copy)
  • Steinfield, C. Computer-mediated communication systems. In M. Williams (ed.) Annual Review of Information Science and Technology: Volume 21, White Plains, NY: Knowledge Industry Publications, 1986, 167-202.
  • Steinfield, C. Computer-mediated communication in an organizational setting: explaining task-related and socio-emotional uses. In M. McLaughlin (ed.) Communication Yearbook 9, Beverly Hills, CA: Sage, 1986, 777-804.
  • Fulk, C., Steinfield, C., Schmitz, J., and Power, J. A social information processing model of media use in organizations. Communication Research, 14 (5), 1987, 529-552. (please email steinfie at msu dot edu for a copy)
  • Steinfield, C., and Fulk, J. On the role of theory in research on information technology in organizations: an introduction to the special issue. Communication Research, 14 (5), 1987, 479-490. (please email steinfie at msu dot edu for a copy)
  • Steinfield, C. Computer-mediated communications in organizational settings: Emerging conceptual frameworks and directions for research, Management Communication Quarterly, 5 (3), 1992, 348-365.
  • Steinfield, C. and Fulk, J. The theory imperative. In J. Fulk and C. Steinfield (eds.) Organizations and Communication Technology. Newbury Park, CA: Sage, 1990, 13-23.
  • Fulk, J. Schmitz, J., and Steinfield, C. A social influence model of technology use. In J. Fulk and C. Steinfield. (eds.) Organizations and Communication Technology. Newbury Park, CA: Sage, 1990, 117-140.
  • Steinfield, C. Computer-mediated communications in the organization: Using electronic mail at Xerox. In B. Sypher (ed.) Case Studies in Organizational Communication, New York: Guilford Press, 1990, 282-294.


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