Marian Wright Edelman
25 Lessons for Life

Lesson 1: There is no free lunch.  Donít feel entitled to anything you donít sweat and struggle for.

Lesson 2 : Set goals and work quietly and systematically toward them.

Lesson 3 : Assign yourself.

Lesson 4 : Never work for money or power.  They wonít save your soul or build a decent family or help you sleep at night.

Lesson 5 : Donít be afraid of taking risks or being criticized.

Lesson 6 : Take parenting and family life seriously and insist that those you work for and who represent you do.

Lesson 7 : Remember that your wife is not your mother or your maid, but your partner and friend.

Lesson 8 : Forming families is serious business.

Lesson 9 : Be honest.

Lesson 10: Remember and help America remember that fellowship of human beings is more important than the fellowship of race and class and gender in a democratic society.

Lesson 11 : Sell the shadow for the substance.

Lesson 12 : Never give up.

Lesson 13 : Be confident that you can make a difference.

Lesson 14 : Donít ever stop learning and improving your mind or youíre going to get left behind.

Lesson 15 : Donít be afraid of hard work or of teaching your children to work.

Lesson 16 : Slow down and live.

Lesson 17 : Choose your friends carefully.

Lesson 18 : Be a can-do will-try person.

Lesson 19 : Try to live in the present.

Lesson 20 : Use your political and economic power for the community and for others less fortunate.

Lesson 21 : Listen for the ďsound of the genuineĒ in yourself and others.

Lesson 22 : You are in charge of your own attitude--whatever others do or circumstances you face.

Lesson 23 : Remember your roots, your history, and the forebearsí shoulders on which you stand.

Lesson 24 : Be reliable.  Be faithful.  Finish what you start.

Lesson 25 : Always remember that you are never alone.

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