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Welcome to STUPAR, the e-mail discussion list for student-parents at Michigan State University. We hope this list will increase student-parent access to resources and information and facilitate "networking" on a variety of issues.

Here are just a few of the ways that this list can facilitate communication:
-Systematic and rapid dissemination of information
-Advertisement of Student Parents on a Mission (SPOM) meetings
and activities
-Identifying others with certain skills, information, etc.
-Reminders about deadlines
-Requests for assistance from other student parents

Messages NOT permitted on the list:
-Derogatory or discriminatory messages towards any family constitution, race, gender, etc.
-Messages that list items for sale. Item give-aways are permitted, but classified sale ads are not.

Being on the list means that you will automatically receive any messages posted to the list. Those messages will appear in your inbasket when you log into email. It will also mean that you can send a single message, using the list address (STUPAR@list.msu.edu), which will automatically go to ALL MEMBERS on this list. If you're responding to a STUPAR message and use "reply" or "answer", your email system will automatically address your message to the entire list.

Ending your message with your full name and your email/pilot ID will also help if people wish to reply to you personally. Although your address is embedded in the message header information, sometimes it's hard to find in a long list of email addresses.

If you do not wish to be included in the list, please the Family Resource Center at 432-3745.

Welcome aboard!

Lori Strom, Coordinator, FRC
Michigan State University