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                                             Funding Augmentative and Alternative Communication
                                                Research by Nicole Sulier
akljsdf         CSD823X Augmentative and Alternative Communication
                    Michigan State University

Looking to buy a new AAC device? Well here is a list of some funding ideas that may benefit you!

  • Individual fundraising
  • Private Insurance
  • School Districts
  • Medicaid/Medicare
  • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Tricare
  • (TEDP) Telecommunication Equipment Distribution Programs
  • Loans for AAC user in different states/countries

  Just an example of the vast range of pricing for AAC devices is shown here:

    These prices come from

            Hip talker

Designed to go wherever you go! Perfect for kids and adults alike,
our unique Hip Talk communicators play messages at the push of a button.
Record and re-record messages as often as you like. Features large recessed switch plates
This Hip Talker has two buttons with ten seconds per message.
                    Price: $111.95

Jabba AAC

The Jabbla Tellus 4 is a powerful computer-based speech generating device.
  It has a bright and clear 12" touch screen display which is water resistant for added durability.

The Tellus is based on the Mind Express graphic communication program and runs on
Windows XP Tablet Edition. 
With built in wireless and bluetooth connectivity, the Tellus has internet
capability, wireless printing, and even cell phone access.
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For people who like to have lasting memories, you are even able to use this with a webcam to take pictures.

Tellus 4 Features:
  • 12.1" XGA touch screen display
  • Water resistant front display
  • 5 programmable button on the front
  • Integrated WLAN and Bluetooth
  • Wireless printing
  • Internet capability
  • Built-in high quality amplified speakers
                     Price: $7,645.00

         Here's a helpful site I found when you're looking for info on funding:

                       AAC Funding Help

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