Computers and Music at Michigan State University:

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Studios &
Research Centers:
North America
Location Acronym Full Name
California, University of--Berkeley CNMAT Center For New Music and Audio Technologies
California, University of--San Diego CRCA Center for Reasearch in Computing and the Arts
California, University of--Santa Barbara CREATE Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology
California, University of--Santa Cruz UCSC Electronic Music Studios
Chicago, University of Computer Music Studio
Cincinnati, University of--College-Conservatory of Music CCM Electronic Music Studios
Dartmouth College Bregman Electro-acoustic Music Studios
Florida, University of FEMS Florida Electroacoutic Music Studios
Harvard University Harvard Computer Music Center
Illinois, University of CERL Center for Research and Hardware/Software Development
in Digital Audio Signal Processing
Illinois, University of--Urbana-Champaign Experimental Music Studios
Indiana University School of Music CECM Center for Electronic and Computer Music
Massachussetts Institute of Technology Machine Listening Group At the MIT Media Lab
Princeton University Princeton Sound Kitchen
Princeton University Winham Laboratory
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute iEAR Integrated Electronic Arts at Rensselaer
San Jose State University CADRE Computers in Art, Design, Research & Education 
Stanford University CCRMA Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
Toronto, University of UTEMS University of Toronto Electroacoustic Music Studio

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