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& Projects

MikroPolyphonie is a refereed online journal. It aims to encourage scholarly analysis and discussion in any genre of contemporary music making and research.

a publication for sound artists, practitioners and theorists.

Web magazine of contemporary music

Computer Music Journal

International Society of the Arts, Sciences and Technology

MEMI - Magazin fuer Elektronische Musik im Internet
Internet magazine for electronic music. In German.

Journal of New Music Research
(formerly: Interface)

Music Research Digest

Pro Sound News-AES Edition

NewMus Music Net
a tri-quarterly of experimental music by Pauline Oliveros

KYMA - Eighth Nerve
a magazine of the KYMA System for Realtime Sound Synthesis and Processing

Music Theory Online

Chua's Oscillator
Applications of Chaos to Sound and Music

Yamaha DisKlavier Archive

Music Library of the Future

Composer's Desktop Project

Durham Music Technology
A collaboration between the Concurrent Digital Signal Processing group and the Department of Music at Durham University.

Music Cognition Research

Amsterdam Catalogue of Composition Algorithms

Amsterdam Catalogue of Csound Computer Instruments

Experiments with fractal music

The Fractal Music Project


U of M EMS Software -Genetic Algorithms

Music Cognition Experiments

Mathematica Sounds Gallery

MLF Home Page
Music Library of the Future