Computers and Music at Michigan State University:
Internet Computer Music Resources


International developer and supplier of digital audio workstations used for recording, editing, mixing and mastering sound on multiple platforms.

Mark of the Unicorn, Inc. Website for the manufacturer of music and MIDI-related software and hardware products.

Opcode Systems
Website for the manufacturer of electronic music technologies.

Wolfram Research
The makers of Mathematica software.

ICMA Software Library
FTP site for composition software. Based at La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia.
FTP site of the Internet Underground Music Archive. Contains links to audio utilities.

Csound Links:

--Csound Instrument Archives:

Music/sound production system that uses MIT's Csound as its sound-processing language. SGI executable only. Ports to MacOS and Linux are envisaged for the near future.

INFO-MAC HyperArchive
Front-end with search engine for the Info-Mac software libraries. Maintained by MIT.

NeXTStep Sound and Music Page
Maintained by Eric Mrozek, University of Michigan.

Audio and Music Applications
for Silicon Graphics Systems.
Commercial, Bundled, and Public Domain applications. Page maintained by SGI.

Signal Processing Information Base (SPIB)

The MIDI Farm Internet

MUMS Home Page
McGill University Master Samples

Information on Sound file formats