St. Patrick's Day Afghan

Block 10 (October 2000): Cheryl's Square
Designed by Cheryl of Squirrels' Nest

12" x 12" 
worsted weight yarn
#7 needles
4 1/2 sts= 1 inch 

6 stitch cable
1st row (RS) : p1, k6, p1
2nd row: k1, p 6, k1
3rd row: p1, C6B, p1
4th row: k1, p 6, k1

Moss Stitch Zigzag - multiple of 9
Row 1 (RS): * ( k1,p1) 2x, k4,p1; rep from * 

Row 2: * p4, (k1, p1) 2x, k1; rep from * 

Row 3: (k1,p1) 3x, k4 (p1,k1) 2x, p1, k3 

Row 4: p2, ( k1, p1) 2x, k1, p4 ,(k1,p1) 2x, k1, p2 

Row 5: k3 (p1, k1) 2x, p1, k4 ,(p1,k1) 3x 

Row 6: * (k1, p1) 2x , k1, p4; rep from * 2x

Row 7: as 5th row

Row 8: as 4th row

Row 9: as 3rd row

Row 10: as 2nd row

Rep these 10 rows.

Co 54 sts. Work 7 rows seed stitch.

Next row: (set up pattern)
5 sts seed st, 18 sts zigzag, cable, 18 sts zigzag, 5 sts seed st

Continue in this manner until piece measures 11". Work 7 rows seed st.

Patterns in this afghan may be used by individuals for personal use and charity knitting only. It can be distributed to and shared with others as long as it remains fully intact, including this copyright notice. It may not be sold, used to produce items for sale, or used in a compilation or archive of any kind without the expressed written permission of the designer. All rights are expressly reserved by the designer. 

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