Our SFS Family Tree

Hi! I'm Tyler, I'm an MS Student at Michigan State, and starting my PhD at the University of Waterloo. I'm passionate about fun scripting projects in R, and I want to build an academic family tree of the members of the SFS Community, and I need your help!

I think this will be a great way to visualize how closely we are all connected. I would really appreciate your help building this database as a resource for you and your students to explore these connections.

If you would like access to these data or to offer advice, additional information, or to collaborate, my contact information is on my blog website.

This should all be publicly available data from CVs and websites, but I intend its use to be only for exploration by the SFS and Earth/Enviro Science community. I will not share this data in aggregate with any corporation or entity besides professional societies of these communities (e.g. SFS, AGU, ASLO, etc.). No monetary profit will originate from this data.

Tree So Far

Academic Tree

Academic Tree

To see an older database that many members have contributed to, check out the Academic Tree!

Tyler Hampton


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