KIN102K Instructors and Resources

Ronald Southwick 5th Dan
Office:3270 E Anthony Hall
Phone: 517-353-2921

KIN102K sec 001 M W
4:10pm - 5:00pm

KIN102K sec 002 T Th
4:10pm - 5:00pm

Welcome to KIN102K (Taekwondo I)

Taekwondo I is an introductory course offering a broad view of the principles and techniques of taekwondo.

By actively participating in class, students will learn the physical aspects of the art, including kicking, striking, self defense, forms, and sparring. In the course of the semester they will also have a chance to discover some of the historical, philosophical, and spiritual concepts inherent to the practice of taekwondo.

This course also provides students with up-to-date fitness methodology. The course uses modern exercise science techniques to help students develop the aerobic capacity, flexibility, and strength required for taekwondo training.

Students will also be given an idea of taekwondo's role in today's community, as an international sport and Olympic event, and as a personal source of long-term fitness and growth. Students will be invited to continue their taekwondo training through the MSU Taekwondo Club and Team.

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