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Tariq Sami Abdelhamid

Construction Management Program

School of Planning, Design and Construction

Michigan State University

(updated January 2,2011)


The Lean Construction readings listed are available for free as open access articles.


Fundamentals of Lean Construction

1.       Howell, G. (1999).  “WHAT IS LEAN CONSTRUCTION” -

2.       Ballard, G. (2000).  “Lean Project Delivery System”  

3.       Abdelhamid, T,  Mossman, A. ( 2004).  Editors Note – Inaugural Issue Lean Construction Journal

4.       Glenn Ballard and Gregory A. Howell (2004).  “Competing Construction Management Paradigms.”

5.       Sven Bertelsen (2004).    “Lean Construction: Where Are We And How To Proceed?”

6.       Lauri Koskela and Mike Kagioglou (2005).  On the metaphysics of production.  Proceedings IGLC-13, July 2005, Sydney, Australia (


Project Management and Lean Construction

1.       Koskela, L., Howell, G. (2002).  The underlying theory of project management is obsolete.  Proceedings of the PMI Research Conference, Pg. 293-302. ( )

2.       Gregory Howell and  Hal Macomber (2006).  “WHAT SHOULD PROJECT MANAGEMENT BE BASED ON?” Proceedings IGLC-14, July 2006, Santiago, Chile ( )


Last Planner™ System

1.       Glenn Ballard (1994).  The Last Planner System.  Northern California Construction Institute, Monterey, California, April. (

2.       Mossman, Alan (2009).    A Guide to the Last Planner™ for Construction Foremen and Supervisors.

3.       Glenn Ballard (2000).  The Last Planner™ System of Production Control; PhD Dissertation, School of Civil Engineering, The University of Birmingham, U.K., May, 192 pp.  


Six Sigma and Lean Construction

1.       Abdelhamid, T. S. (2003).  “Six-Sigma in Lean Construction Systems:  Opportunities and Challenges.”   Proceedings of the 11th Annual Conference for Lean Construction, 22-24 July 2003, Blacksburg, Virginia, 65-83. ( )


Lean Project Delivery using IPD

1.       Owen Mathews and Gregory Howell ( 2005).  “Integrated Project Delivery An Example Of Relational Contracting.”  Lean Construction Journal.

2.       Will Lichtig (2005).  “Sutter Health: Developing a Contracting Model to Support Lean Project Delivery.”  Lean Construction Journal.

3.       CHUCK THOMSEN,  JOEL DARRINGTON, DENNIS DUNNE,  WILL LICHTIG (2009).   Managing  Integrated Project Delivery.  CMAA publication.  (Managing  Integrated Project Delivery -  (


Lean Construction Implementations

1.       Cynthia C.Y. Tsao, Iris Tommelein, Eric Swanlund, and Gregory A. Howell (2000).  “Case Study for Work Structuring: Installation of Metal Door Frames.”  Proceedings 8th Annual Meeting of the International Group for Lean Construction, August 17-19, Brighton, UK. 

2.       Mastroianni, R. and Abdelhamid, T. S (2003).  “The Challenge: The Impetus For Change To Lean Project Delivery”.   Proceedings of the 11th Annual Conference for Lean Construction, 22-24 July 2003, Blacksburg, Virginia. ( )

3.        O. Salem, J. Solomon, A. Genaidy, and M. Luegring  (2005).   “Site Implementation and Assessment of Lean Construction Techniques."  Lean Construction Journal (

4.       Glenn Ballard and Paul Reiser(2004).   THE ST. OLAF COLLEGE FIELDHOUSE PROJECT: A CASE STUDY IN DESIGNING TO TARGET COST.  Proceedings IGLC-12, August 2004, Denmark ( )

5.       Beary, T., Abdelhamid, T. S. (2006).  “Prioritizing Production Planning Problems and Normalizing Percent Plan Complete Data Using Six Sigma.” Proceedings of the 14th Annual Conference for Lean Construction, Santiago, Chile ) )

6.       Reymard Sávio S. de Melo and Thais da C. L. Alves  (2010).  “Investigation of the Supply Chain of Wooden Doors.”  Lean Construction Journal (



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