Jerry Urquhart with Crocodile and Caiman

Gerald R. Urquhart
Lyman Briggs College, Assistant Professor of Biology
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife and
Center for Global Change and Earth Observation



My enjoyment of learning is tightly coupled with an enjoyment for teaching. I love to share the things I know with others, while learning from them as well. I see teaching as a two way street, often where one person plays the role of instructor and the other of student, but where both are actively learning.

Three principles guide my teaching: 1) our goal is to prepare students to apply knowledge and critical thinking to solve novel problems, 2) active, inquiry-based and experiential learning are three fundamental methods to achieve this goal, and 3) access to a quality education should be as inclusive as possible, not limited to students simply because of background or financial resources.

I have especially enjoyed the chace to teach students in the field, whether in Michigan or abroad. I offer two study abroad programs studying tropical ecosystems. The first is a one week program in Nicaragua offered over Spring Break, the second a longer program in Panama during the first three weeks of the summer.

Courses I currently teach or am interested in developing:

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