Where will I visit?

We will visit very diverse settings during the course. Ecological sites range from tropical dry forest to tropical rainforest, from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea. Cultural settings will include villages, schools, markets, and farms. For more detail, visit the course schedule.

Where will I live?

During the program we will reside in different field research stations and hotels/hostels as we travel throughout Nicaragua.

Apoyo Lagoon with Mombacho Volcano in backgroundApoyo Field Station

Located on the side of the Apoyo Crater in western Nicargua, the Apoyo Field Station will be the main place we stay at during the course. It will serve as a base of operations for day visits all over the Pacific side of the country.


Town of Bluefields, NicaraguaTown of Bluefields

We will spend one night in the Caribbean coastal town of Blueifelds. The largest city on the Caribbean coast, Bluefields is complety isolated from the rest of Nicaragua, requiring boat or plane transportation to reach it. We will stay one night in a small hotel at this location.


La Union Farming CooperativeKahka Creek

The Kahka Creek Rainforest Reserve is located in the Rio Wawashang Nature Reserve on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. Kahka Creek is home to countless species of animals. For more information on Kahka Creek, visit the Virtual Rainforest website.



Most meals will be prepared and served on-site by local cooks, but some will be eaten in restaurants.  We will often be near towns to purchase snacks, etc.


Spring Break

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