Rough Itinerary for Course – Saturday to Sunday, 9 days


This is the schedule from past year--upcoming program schedule will differ some from this.


La Union Farming CooperativeSaturday, Day 1: Fly to Managua, transport by bus one hour to Apoyo Field Station.

Apoyo Lagoon with Mombacho Volcano in backgroundSunday, Day 2: On the first full day of the course, we will have an early morning nature walk followed by a hike up the impressive Volcan Masaya, an active volcano. We will also visit caves near the volcano.

We will stay at the Apoyo Field Station, located on a lake formed by an ancient volcanic crater. The Apoyo Lake has many endemic species of fish found in the lake and is surrounded by tropical dry forests.

We will travel by bus to the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua to the town of Pearl Lagoon.

Town of Bluefields, NicaraguaMonday, Day 3: Pearl Lagoon Town
Spectacled CaimanTuesday, Day 4: We will travel to Orinoco, a small Garifuna Village located in Pearl Lagoon. At night, we will take a boat trip up the Wawashang River to look for nocturnal animals, especially Spectacled Caimans. We will stay overnight in Orinoco.
Dugout Canoe in Cano NegroWednesday, Day 5: The group will travel up the Wawashang River to the town of Pueblo Nuevo. From there we will hike to the Kahka Creek Rainforest Preserve where we will stay overnight.


Women selling vegetables in BluefieldsThursday, Day 6: An early morning hike in the rainforest will give us the sounds (and hopefully sights) of some of the spectacular diversity of a rainforest. After the hike, we will travel back to Pearl Lagoon.
Mombacho Volcano, over 5000 feet tallFriday, Day 7: In the morning, the group will travel to Bluefields, the major town on the Caribbean Coast. From there we will fly to Managua and travel to the Apoyo Lagoon where we will stay the night.
Large Tree in PastureSaturday, Day 8: The group will visit Mount Mombacho National Reserve, located on an isolated peak with cloud forest close to the Apoyo Field Station. The small patch of cloud forest is home to unique organisms found nowhere else on Earth. For fun, we will do a canopy tour at this location in the early afternoon. In the late afternoon we will visit tourist markets in Masaya.
Sunday, Day 9: Return to US



Spring Break

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