Pancho and Elsa's House

The majority of Pancho's family in front of their house. The porch area is the kitchen. From left to right: Yuko (age 10), Chepe (4), Ellie (6), Vicente (22 months), Lidia (12), Loida (9), and Pancho (35). Missing from the picture are Elsa (31 years old), Juan (14) and Julio (4 months).

Pancho, Elsa, and their family represent a typical but very poor family living in tropical rainforests. Pancho makes money by raising crops like Rice, Beans, Corn, and Bananas, but often doesn't have enough to sell after feeding his family. He hunts and fishes occasionally to get meat for his family.

Elsa's primary responsibility is care for the children and house. Because they are poor and can't afford a stove or gas to run one, they cook over an open fire. This is an incredibly time consuming task, as is caring for many children under ten years old. They do not currently have a school to send the children to, so the children stay home and help Pancho or Elsa with work.

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