Howler Monkeys (Alouatta palliata)

 Try to count how many monkeys are in the picture to the left. There's a mother with her baby, and another mother with her baby. Four monkeys on the same branch. If you look at the top mother's right hand, you can see the little baby's hand too. Baby howler monkeys travel around on their mother's stomach or back for several months after they are born.

Howler monkeys are friendly with each other, hanging out in big social groups, usually with 10-18 monkeys. They are herbivores, meaning they eat plants, both leaves and fruits.


The howler monkey to the right is an adult male. He has a big saggy chin that functions as a "resonating" chamber so he can howl. The howls can be heard for several miles in the rainforest, and allow the monkeys from one group to communicate with other groups. They communicate to defend their territories, telling other monkey groups not to come there because it is where they live.