Toucan Sam, a Keel-billed Toucan (Ramphastos sulfuratus)

Toucan Sam, a Keel-billed ToucanToucan Sam is one of the best known animals of the rainforest. Toucans live in South and Central America, but do not live in Africa. Their beaks are beautiful but do not have much strength. Scientists think the beaks are so pretty so that male toucans can attract females.

Toucan Sam does not eat Froot-loops cereal, but it does eat fruits from trees in the rainforest. And, birds do not have a very good sense of smell, so you wouldn't get very far by following Toucan Sam's nose.

Toucans are some of the prettiest pretty birds in a rainforest. They eat fruits and can be seen flying around in the mornings and afternoons. When a toucan flies, it looks like it has a banana sticking out of its head.

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