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This page was last revised: April 1, 2001
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Under the direction of the Stake President in response to a letter from the Presiding Bishopric of the Church (dated March 15, 2001), which stated that "a policy for the creation, operation and maintenance of local unit web sites is being developed" and which relayed the message "Until the policy is established, the First Presidency has ... determined that existing sites should be discontinued", the web site for the Lansing Michigan Stake has been placed off-line.

Until the policy is announced and our stake web site is updated to ensure conformation to the new policy, please refer to the printed stake directory and calendar.

We sincerely thank Michigan State University for providing the
student/alumni/staff/faculty "Pilot" personal disk space and
web hosting services which has made this Internet site
a reality since April 5, 1998.

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