Commission on the Geography of 

Global Information Society



The evolving information society and its associated spatial, technological and political dimensions, has become a worldwide phenomenon linked by networks of information and communications technology.  The complexity and scope of social and economic change connected with global information society has rapidly outpaced our ability as social scientists to understand and predict how social change will evolve.  The primary objective of the Commission on the Geography of Global Information Society is to address the spatial context for the relationship between places, people and the information society.

The Commission builds on the strong foundations of prior commissions including the Commission on Telecommunications and Communication (IGU 96-CO4) with its focus on technology and communications, and the successor Commission on the Geography of Information Society with focus on the intersection between information technology and the emerging knowledge economy.  The Commission on the Geography of Global Information Society continues a sixteen-year tradition of active research and engagement across six continents, and advances geographic scholarship around several core spatial and social phenomena.


Commission Organization:


Mark Wilson, Michigan State University, USA.  e-mail: 


Vice Chairs:

Henry Bakis, University of Montpellier III, France. e-mail: 

Maria Paradiso, Universitŕ degli Studi del Sannio, Italy. e-mail:


Executive Secretary:

Becky P.Y. Loo, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. e-mail:  


Steering Committee:

Peter Graef, University of Aachen, Germany.  e-mail:

Kenji Hashimoto, Waseda University, Japan.  e-mail:

Woo-Kung Huh, Seoul National University, South Korea.  e-mail:

Tommi Inkinen, University of Helsinki, Finland.  e-mail:

Aharon Kellerman, University of Haifa, Israel.  e-mail:

John Langdale, Macquarie University, Australia.  e-mail:

Feng Li, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom.  e-mail:

Sten Lorentzon, University of Göteborg, Sweden.  e-mail: