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Associate Director: School of Planning, Design and Construction, Michigan State University


Professor: Urban & Regional Planning/Geography, Michigan State University




Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania, 1987.  Regional Science


A.M.  University of Pennsylvania, 1983.  Regional Science


M.A.  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1981.  Economics


M.Commerce. University of Melbourne, 1979.  Regional/Urban Economics


B.Commerce. University of Melbourne, 1977.  Economics




Consultant and evaluator on information technology and nonprofit matters for various government agencies, firms, and nonprofit organizations, including:  W. K. Kellogg Foundation; Michigan Nonprofit Association; ConnectMichigan; Learning to Give; United Way of Battle Creek; Michigan Family Independence Agency; Michigan Department of Corrections; and Reuters North America



Board and Community Service: National Center for Charitable Statistics; Michigan Nonprofit Association; Aspen Institute Nonprofit Research Fund for Michigan; Measures Project (Independent Sector)



Asian Planning and Practice: Korea/China 2010

Asian Planning and Practice: Korea/China 2008

Food, Environmental and Social Systems, New Zealand/Australia 2006

Freshman Seminar Abroad, Japan 2005

US Pavilion Guide Program, Expo2005, Japan 2005

Food, Environmental and Social Systems, Australia 2005

Food, Environmental and Social Systems, Australia/New Zealand 2004

Earth Systems Sciences in Antarctica, Antarctica 2003

Agricultural, Environmental and Social Systems, Australia 1999

Expo98 Host/Scholar Program, Portugal 1998  

Expo93 Host/Scholar Program, South Korea 1993  

Public Policy at Cambridge University, United Kingdom 1989  



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