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Cadet Life Area

If you're wondering what life is like for cadets at Detachment 380, check out the pictures below to see what they have been up to!


Retreat Ceremony

Above, cadets from Det 380 participate in a Retreat Ceremony.

Cadet Testimonials of how they feel about being a cadet on MSU campus and how they find time to balance everything.

"My favorite part of cadet life is the people, and the opportunities provided; like retention events."- C/3c, MSU

"Time management is key. I schedule out my day. I know my class schedule and then I schedule all of the Air Force activities around that." -C/3c, WMU

"People respect us. They say Thank You and hold the door open. They respect us." - C/3c, MSU

"Cadet life is fun. Going to everything makes you part of the team." - C/3c, MSU



Here some of the cadets practice their skills on the climbing tower at FLX in Alpena MI.

FLX shooting range

Above, cadets practice with the M16 empty before using live rounds at FLX.

Cadets standing at attention

Above, cadets stand at attention while participating in a tribute for Veterans Day.

Cadets saluting the flag

Above, cadets salute the flag during Reveille.

dining in

Above, are some more cadets at Dining In.


Here some of the cadets take part in a basketball game while competing during Warrior Competition Day.