Chapter 11 Reorganization

The course is three credit hours and covers only chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.  The course combines both bankruptcy theory and practice. Topics covered include first-day motions and orders, such as use of cash collateral and debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing, executory contracts, adequate protection, the automatic stay, and various avoiding powers, such as avoidable preferences under §547 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Approximately half the material in the course is devoted to plan negotiation, proposal, and confirmation.  You will learn about consent plans as well as cramdown and the absolute priority rule. There is no final exam in the course. Instead, your grade is based on a series of drafting assignments, which may include an agreed order, a motion, and an adversary complaint or answer.  Approximately half of the final course grade is based on your negotiation and drafting of a plan of reorganization for a small business debtor. 

Consumer Bankruptcy is a prerequisite for the course. While Secured Transactions is not a formal prerequisite, you need to have taken the class prior to taking this course.

Course Number: 506F