Consumer Bankruptcy

The course is a three-credit hour class that covers chapter 7, the liquidation chapter, and Chapter 13, the individual reorganization chapter, of the Bankruptcy Code. Over the course of the semester, you will learn about the means test that Congress adopted with the 2005 amendments to the Bankruptcy Code, what claims have priority in bankruptcy, what claims are not discharged, and what elements are necessary to confirm a chapter 13 plan. 

The class also covers several of the trustee’s avoiding powers, e.g., fraudulent transfer law. Some professors who teach the course include a significant skills component. If there is a skills component to the course, your grade is based, in part, on homework assignments, such as drafting a voluntary petition in bankruptcy, filing a claim on behalf of a creditor, and completing Form 22A, which is the Code’s means test.  Therefore, depending on the professor teaching the course, your course grade is based either on a final in–class exam or some combination of homework assignments and a final in-class exam.

There are no formal prerequisites, but you should take Secured Transactions either before or at the same time as you take this course.

Course Number: 506E